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  1. just doing some tests before beta testing on my server and i ran into this error clicking leave arena
    after changing the min players to 1 in the config and restarting i got this error on startup
    after changing the arena config min players back to 2 i receive this error on start up
    Code (Text):
    i am using terrain control and used multiverse core if that matters and made the world a hell one
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  2. Hello, the error is that you do not put the main lobby. To mark the lobby uses: /AP SET LOBBY.
    And another error is because I don't think the poster of sand :p.
    PD: if it is not a nuisance, you could see the private message that sends you? :D
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  3. i did see it after that post and i will wait,thank you
  4. Thank you for waiting. Any questions do not hesitate to contact me. :D
  5. that is supports 1.8/1.10 really cool plugin:)
  6. Very nice plugin, must have it!
  7. It is difficult to make the plugin compatibility from the 1.8 to 1.10 but I will try it to make :). Thanks for the advice.
  8. Thank you :D
  9. no problem :)
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  11. yes