Bungee - Proxy Minigame Communications Framework 1.0

A set of plugins to facilitate cross server communication for minigames and gamemodes.

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    Minigame Communications Framework - A set of plugins to facilitate cross server communication for minigames and gamemodes.

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  2. And what is the sense of this plugin? Cant I do the same thing with teleort signs? Thats much easier! Would be great if u answer xD
  3. The whole point of this is that it works across servers! So you can be running minigames on different minecraft servers, even on a different machine and still have them all synchronised on your hub. Teleport signs only work if the minigames are being run on the same server as the hub plugin, and if you are using that setup then this framework won't do you any good.
  4. No when I use TeleportSigns I can send the eplayers across servers! Is the point of your plugin that I dont need Bungeecord?
  5. Tux


    No, you still need BungeeCord from the looks of it.
  6. Well they are similar, but the idea of mine is that it's supposed to support minigames and represent their changing states, lobby, in game, rebooting etc.

    My plugin has more customisation and allows minigames to provide the relevant data. For example if you had a game with spectators, you wouldn't be able to accurately show player count, or game state with teleport signs as you can do with my plugin, they're built to achieve different things. Teleport signs being more of a general implementation, with this being specifically tailored to minigames.
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  7. I only use Bungee to send players between servers, everything else is Bukkit and sockets.
  8. Hi, I was trying to add your plugin to a minigame, but i can't seem to get it to work. My signs says OFFLINE. I don't know if you're familiar with the minigames plugin (https://github.com/MC-Minigames/), but it depends on an API (https://github.com/instance01/MinigamesAPI), so my idea was to add your plugin into the API, so I don't have to edit every single minigame, if it's possible. Could you please show me how it's done, just one time, I'll then make a tutorial for others, so they don't have to ask the same question. Thanks, greetings from Denmark.
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