Minigame Idea

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by WAS, Apr 27, 2017.

  1. WAS


    Not too into minigames really, but I thought of a game idea while working on the Trail Effects plugin.

    Basically, you have a region above the ground somewhere (or ocean or lava or w/e) and you have a floating flat platform which uses Bedrock as the floor. There is a player that is "It" and the players that are "Fleeing" from "It".

    The players fleeing always have the block under them change to wool. (Maybe a specific color per player to make it interesting, though would limit players unless reused or teamed up)

    It's job is to break the wool block and cause fleeing players to fall out of the play arena. Depending on the size of the arena this could cause problems when lots of holes start forming and fleeing players may accidentally fall out trying to flee! It would need to time his block breaking skills, and all that. Maybe It has some special abilities like speed or jump.Maybe fleeing players have a charging ability with cooldown to "shove" It away from them.

    Never made a mini-game. May try, but mainly sharing the idea. No clue if it's been done. Just sharing with y'all fine Crafters.