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  1. Hello community!

    Im developing minigames for our server. The goal is to provide good and unique gaming experience for our players. In our country there are several minigame servers, but all of them are with downloaded plugins, its boring and overplayed.

    I want to create server with lot of challenges like quests and achievments connected with custom minigames. But we are in the beginning.

    I have a question. Which minigames do you find unique, funny and your favourite? Do you have any ideas for new custom minigames? This will help me in building our network.

    Thanks a lot!
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  3. This is awesome! Thanks!

    More ideas will be appreciated :)
  4. I have loads of these ideas, but I have already implemented them in my server with my custom plugins. :eek:
    Don't worry, these plugins are open source - with a catch. You cannot make money off my plugins (exceptions: me and me only).

    I will put them up on my GitHub soon
  5. That's not what I've been asking, but thanks. I don't want to use your plugins.
  6. I would write a plugin for that