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  1. Why hello!

    I know what you're thinking... I am trying to get ideas from you to make private plugins. Me and a few other people are working on a custom minigame network. We already have ideas and plans for mini games. However, we wanted to know if you had any ideas.

    You will be credited.

    We are already in progress of some mini games, but we wanted to make some of your dreams come true. This will not be a custom plugin for your own server. It will be on our network. However, if we use your idea(s), you will be fully credited and will be given a donator rank for your extremely great help!

    I will however, make some custom plugins after this network is in beta. You can get a plugin made off of your suggestion, but ours would be the main one. You do not have to give us any ideas.

    If you have a unique idea, please add on skype, or pm me on here. If it isn't unique, just put it into the chat ;) We would love to see any suggestions, unique or not!

    Best regards,
    Owner and Developer of the Nitrine Network
  2. I think a minigame same Splatton is good.
  3. I think what you need to do is something never seen before, or at least is not known well by the community. I'd strongly suggest to create your own version of PacMan, for instance.
  4. Dungeon Run

    You load into the game as 5 from a lobby. Its co-op game.

    1) Select classes. DPS ranged and melee. A tank. etc
    2) Dungeon Run with traps, loot and bosses. Maybe puzzles if you can make that.
    3) When you complete you get DungeonsPoints based on time completed/objectives done. Faster/objectives done = more points.

    Dungeon Points you can use for invading other parties Dungeon Run (server). Either as solo player or party. Maybe there is limit? Only 1 party can invade 1 server. Maybe you can load in to the server silently?

    Some guild rankings.

    Creates the PVP aspect and put nice stress factor on dungeon parties.

    best regards dfpotm
  5. LastManStanding. ( Deathmatch )
  6. A tanks mini game where there are different tank types like each with a special ability like missiles can bounce off walls. I would love to see a plugin like this.
  7. It would be epic and above all one MOBA addictive minigame in which the heroes were the mobs with game modes and methods similar to DOTA / LOL and all this mixed with Resourcepacks and Acutely maps well done ... almost cried at the thought of how much would be perfect such a minigame :,D
  8. That would be so amazing ;o Ill see what I can do
  9. a maze mini game that is a race using checkpoints that you can go to if an opponent kills you hidden chests and awesome kits
  10. This doesn't exactly answer your question, but you could try WeepingWithers or EquestrianDash (I'll be updating the latter with radical changes very soon, though, so might want to wait). The former was recently updated, and on the one hand, I don't get a whole lot of feedback on it and its bugs (so maybe you could try it on your server to help me out! :) ), but on the other hand, not a lot of people have it so it would be one of those "before it was cool" plugins. EquestrianDash is fairly customizable, with its own Powerup API. And of course its source is on GitHub if you want to modify it yourself.
  11. Nitrine will have fully custom plugins, but I could, however, use the idea of those games. I have actually seen equestrian dash and tried it out on one of my test servers, and I did like it a lot. I'd love to find all of the bugs for you though ;)
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