Minigame Map Management

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  1. Hey there! So im making a capture the flag type minigame, however, I'm not sure what the most efficient way for me to load in a map would be?

    Would it be to use schematics and post them randomly in the world, or would it be to manually load a world per game?

    Fyi, the plugin can run multiple games at once.

  2. Hi, the way i do this is keeping a copy of the map (world folder) load it and delete it when the game finishes. I am not sure i there is a more efficient way but that has worked for me for so long and with many players.
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  3. Hmm okay thank you. Thats what I was doing, however I feel there is a better way to do this.
  4. I vouch for the world loading method. It allows for easier cleanup, and it's better to have several smaller worlds only loaded when they're needed than to have one huge world that's always loaded.
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    SlimeWorldManager is just the API you need