Minigame plugin idea is needed

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Will you help me out?

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  1. DiscoverSquishy


    Hey, so I am planning on creating a Minigame plugin but I am lacking Ideas! Please help me out I want to create a something that has to do with PVP, Fantasy and Maybe RPG.
  2. Mix MiniGames! Make a mix between KitPvP, SkyWars, LuckyBlock, ...
    Give it your own name!
    People gonna find this pretty cool!
  3. Your planning to create a Minigame? Why not make something similar to Factions, but with a GUI, add some RPG things. Make Helpers (Villagers who help you, and guide you). Add cities that spawn. Make shops hosted by mobs. Add creatures (Level 1 - Level 100), that spawn in special places. Like jungles, cities, villages, wilderness.

    I'm just joking.
  4. DiscoverSquishy


    Okay Thanks

    That's great too.

    What do you guys think if I make a RPG faction that is LuckyBlock and KitPVP is a arena and if the person looses a game of Skywars it deducts many points/coins.

    ^How does that sound^?
  5. A nice idea that i gonna try if it's downloadable
    My Englisch is so bad xD