Minigame queue system with BungeeCord

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  1. As you can tell I"m trying to create a queue system with BungeeCord. Each game consists of 32 players but once the queue has 24 players and or each team (there are 4 teams in a game) has 6 players I want to send the players to the game server. All the queued players will be in the same lobby server as I only have one. I want to have teams predetermined before the players are sent to the game server(s) so I don't run into problems with players in parties and balancing players on each team. Conceptually how would/should I go about this? I know I will have to use the BungeeCord Plugin Messaging Channel which I'm somewhat familiar with but aside from that I'm not sure what to do. Thanks (Also pls no spoon feed hence the word "conceptually").

    EDIT: So essentially I need to send which team I want each player to be on with them when they are sent to the server and I want to be able to be able to get the number of players on each team in a game so I know if teams still have room for players or not.
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  2. Bump. Still need help with this if anyone can offer any insight.