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  1. yeah Ik who OVH is, I'm talking about as they don't run by ovh and hadn't heard about them before
  2. If your not on budget why not go for a 1650v2 with 12 cores clocked at 3.5ghz with 64gb of ram
  3. I do not like spending more than I need to.
  4. Yeah I understand that but if u go with a 1650v2 it gives u room for upgrades in the future
  5. I'm with reliablesite. Nothing but good things to say.

    Network, peering, support, and hardware are all much better than OVH. That said it is more expensive and doesn't have their VAC.

    Depends on your priorities.
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  6. True, I may look into them at a later time. My only problem is that I do not want to invest 100s/1000s of dollars and have it all go to waste because of not having players. I do not like taking risks, and investing in a large server of any kind and buying a video from a You Tuber is already very far out of my comfort zone.
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  7. Good idea. You can scale up from SYS but they charge an up front setup fee now which makes them cheaper only in the long term.

    ReliableSite allows full customization. They have a $100 off coupon for life, and you can start with less memory and hard drive space and upgrade later. $69/m for 8GB e3-1230v3 for example isn't bad.

    Remember SYS is cheaper monthly only because they charge you higher setup fees.
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  8. Also, I will check again, but last I checked ReliableSite was sold out of almost everything :p
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    They are not for users who want select location, select hardware or support.

    They are a good host how ever.
  10. Their location seems fine to me, they have an expanding hardware line (They are rather new) and support? What?
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    Location is fine for you, but not everyone, say some one in California.
    The line of hardware is good, but not grate compared to other host.
    Support as in, support SYS has no support.

    They are a good host tho, as long as they fit
  12. They obviously have support to help with downtime and such. What else would support be useful for?
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    You're welcome to disagree, but please consider that this post was 7 months ago. Even now that would be a bit iffy.
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  14. Who is boboman? Also, is SoYouStart not quality?
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    He's a member of these forums who disagreed with my opinion, so I think you should ask him about cheap quality hosting. ;)
  16. Their hardware is sometimes nearly five years old. Their network has issues from time to time.

    It's a new product line for old hardware. They need to rent it somehow.
  17. @YoFuzzy3 there are ways to get cheap servers, I'm not trying to advocate them nor do I like them, but OVH is an option if you're aware they're budget.

    Like this thing. Do I like OVH? No, and I hate this E5 line, but thats a $110 a month server and it should hold 350 people.
    Sorry about the date btw, I didn't notice that and assumed it was a new thread.
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  18. A day old aint bad. Can I not host 350+ players on a SoYouStart 32gb e3 server? I mean, that's a lot of dedotated wam! But seriously, do I really need that much of a beast to host a mini game server? What kind of CPU power do I really need?
  19. For Minecraft, I'd go with an E3-1230v3/E3-1245v2/E3-1270v3 something along those lines.
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  20. Hosting how many players? (Say I am splitting them on different instances with bungee links)