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  1. I have been on servers(Shotbow for example) where all of the mini-game signs have number of players and are dynamic and work with the plugins. I have seen these things on many servers, i'm wondering if they are custom created or what?
  2. please use google or even the search function on this website before you ask people to do your work for you.

    I'm being mean, but seriously. If you check in the bungeecord plugins section you might find something close to what you're looking for.
  3. Oh ok :( I'm sorry I just have no idea what to search for on Google for this, and I'm new to this whole Bungeecord thing, I don't completely understand it yet, sorry for any inconvenience
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    Teleportsigns, check out the resource tab. ;)
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  5. M1kep - I'm a jerk, no worries you're fine.
  6. Most of these network servers, such as shotbow use the plugin TeleportSigns and have a dynamic MOTD for the servers themselves so when the MOTD of that specific server changes, it can update the sign to show things like games progress, status, etc through the MOTD dynamically. For example if you have a hungergames lobby running individual servers and the plugin would update the MOTD of each server dynamically to something like "In progress, 15/25 players remaining" it would also show up on the TeleportSings in the lobby. Hoped this helped!
  7. do you know a plugin to change that modt?
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