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What minigame should i make next!?

  1. Death run

    11 vote(s)
  2. Battle Royal

    11 vote(s)
  3. Duels

    12 vote(s)
  4. Skyblock

    13 vote(s)
  5. Build battle

    9 vote(s)
  6. Capture the wool

    7 vote(s)
  7. Smash

    6 vote(s)
  8. Mini bingo

    5 vote(s)
  9. Castle Defense

    8 vote(s)
  10. Sheep quest

    3 vote(s)
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  1. [​IMG]
    Hello once again!
    I want to develop more minigames, but what minigame should I make? What do you think is the most popular minigame right now or a minigame that the market desperately needs (No good working plugins out there / the ones out there provide very little to the table).


    The last time I made this type of thread Speed UHC / UHC and Dragon Escape won the vote and I have created those plugins as you can see.

    I know that some people would say just come up with your own unique ideas, but this type of thread really gives me a good idea of what people want at this time and what the market lacks.

    Some videos on some of the minigames I have made to give you an idea!

  2. I'm a big fan and owner of several of your Plugins.

    But have to say, it's really not creating a minigame just to slap your "game engine" in all your games and call it a new minigame.

    Your UHC plugin which was last created from such thread in here, I think several of your users (including me) had high hopes for, but let's face it: You used your "game engine" and the plugin is 90%+ cages, trails, lobby stuff and very little UHC. You didn't even spend time on researching some usable scenarios and haven't as far as I can tell developed anything new to the plugin since you slapped your "game engine" code on a quickly made "UHC" plugin.

    I vote you start to further develop your current games so it's not just 90% trails, cages and other lobby stuff but actually look for ideas and ask your current customers how to expand the experience of your current plugins.

    Also from the looks on your Discord you might wanna spend some of your time providing support and answering messages from your buyers as that seems to be an issue at the moment.

    I mean this with the greatest respect for you and your development, but I honestly don't see the idea of you making more plugins that's 90%+ re-used code and very little code related to the minigame you try to make, if you don't spend time on developing and supporting them after a few releases...
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  3. Thank you for being a long time supporter :)

    But that's really unfair to say... UHC took me a long time to make... it's not just copying previous code... I have to make tons of modifications to make it suitable... Running two game modes simultaneously with different settings and requirements... Scenarios are not a lot that's true... But building the scenarios system by itself takes a decent amount of effort and now that is there, I can easily add more scenarios very quickly and effectively. I did not add a lot because the plugin has not been updated and maintained as much I wanted because to this day, i'm still facing issues with submitting it here on spigot, and MC-Market is no where near as active as spigot. So my priority was to update plugins here more often. And i'm not receiving any feedback on mc-market
    Cages, trails and that stuff does not represent 90% of the plugin.. The lobby is common between plugins yes, but that's about it..
    Dragon Escape for example was also done in the same period as UHC and it was a completely different idea, The dragon movement and environment destruction for example had to be researched extensively before I even created the project... But when i figured out the core features, I used the same base engine and did lot of modifications... that engine works perfectly well and it's bug-free.. Why would I try to change it at this point?
    Regardless, you may be bothered with this because you own several of my plugins and find it annoying to see the same the style of development in most of them, but if the system is not broken, why fix or change it? A lot of users download one or two of my plugins and it suits them perfectly well. And for others who download more, it creates a more coherent server...

    Most of my pvp gamemodes have a lot of common factors... but not all plugins have that.
    My previous 2 plugins, Dragon Escape, and Party Games, are completely different for example. So it really depends on the minigame requested here.
    Party Games is literally 23 minigames in one plugin... I'm sure that you can imagine copying and pasting was not the only thing I have done... Copying the base (lobby system) helps me save time and focus on the new core elements of the plugin.

    For discord issue, I have left it for users chatting only. I will not be interferring there as I have mentioned on discord. Any support should be requested through the discussion areas of the plugins on spigot or via email. People spam too much on discord and maintaining stuff there is too hard
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  4. make Capture The Wool
  5. Why do I always have to make it different code? He develops while keeping his own coding style.
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  6. Smash! Like
  7. Will be sure to check it out! I just to be sure that the gamemode is in demand before putting all the effort into making it
  8. Mini bingo
    1. Spawn players on a small island
    2. Players have to collect materials on the island and try to make target items as much as possible!
    3. The player who makes the most target items wins!
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  9. make target items meaning crafting? or what is it exactly
  11. Yes, randomly choose a set of items, and the players have to craft, cook or collect to get them.
  12. Bump! Not getting enough ideas :L
  13. Make Sheep Quest or how is it called
  14. u should make sub-minigames in ur uhc, like random blocks turn to lava over time, or every block drops a different item
  15. Castle Defense. But this time, defend your own Block from mobs. PVP is overrated. Players want to play with teammates with monsters. Hoping this will be available soon with Mythic Mobs integrated :D
  16. Will do! you should make suggestions for uhc in its mc-market thread
  17. The poll has been created! Vote for your suggested minigames!
  18. I'm thinking Smash would be really fun, especially with Guns and other crazy stuff.
    What do you yall think :D?
  19. Mby try Sky Giants! Nobody has that plugin and i think it can be cool and something many will have.
  20. Someone developed this plugin and it has now been removed from spigotmc