Minigame suggestions / recommendations!

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What minigame should i make next!?

  1. Block Party

  2. Ghost Craft

  3. Annhilation (Destroy the Nexus)

  4. Murder Mystery

  5. Mario Party

  6. Get Down / Fall down

  7. Bridge Builders

  8. Walls / Mega Walls

  9. Tower Defence

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Hello! I was thinking about making a new minigame possibly if I had enough motivation for it lol... but anyway if i was to do so, what minigame should i make? What do you think is the most popular minigame right now or a minigame that the market desperately needs (No good working plugins out there / the ones out there provide very little to the table).

    Additional information:
    So far i have made 6 minigames! Skywars X, Eggwars X, SurvivalGames, KitBattle Advanced, Hide and Seek, One In The Battle Advanced
    I only make premium plugins for low prices, not higher than 13$ or lower than 8$

    I know that some people would say just come up with your own unique ideas, but this type of thread really gives me a good idea of what people want at this time and what the market lacks.

    Some videos on some of the minigames i have made to give you an idea!

  2. I sent you a PM with what I think is a great idea ;)
  3. BlockParty with custom web and music.
  4. You ever watch the movie Pixels ? Where they are Battling the old school video games in the real world . maybe do a Pixels game . meh just a thought .
  5. I never see any Ghost Craft plugins around, that could be fun
  6. I sent the PM.
  7. Please just post it here instead so that people can 'agree' with you and so on (I get a better idea which minigame is more needed)

    Anyway :D i will make a vote poll in a few days with all the suggestions listed here
  8. Annhiliation AKA Destroy the Nexus
  9. Murder mystery, make a new plugin only for bedwars, the pit..
  10. I think you should really make a MarioParty (inspired by minigame. MarioKart would be also pretty cool
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  11. I would like to see your work in a FallDown / GetDown plug in . I bet it would be awesome .
  12. Since available plugins aren't updated, why not a battleroyale with crackshot/crackshot plus support maybe with minecarts acting as a car ?!
  13. One of the most pop minigame is now bridge builders
  14. Okay i have made a poll! Please vote for the ideas you like! You can also still suggest new ideas (I can still add)
  15. i think annihilation is waste of time becouse there is already good plugin for it and also was leaked by leaking site it means that it would be big waste of time
  16. All plugins are leaked lol... but anyway thats the point of the poll i guess.. to see which idea is needed
  17. It's in the poll already vote for it!
  18. I will probably close this tomorrow! So please if there are any other suggestions hurry up and post em!
  19. So you guys think i should work on tower defense? and possibly annihilation?
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  20. Heya! TowerDefense is completed and being uploaded to spigot!! I have completed the core stuff, there are some few additional things that I want to add but I can do that meanwhile the plugin is being approved by spigot staff!
    I'm making the page and need some artwork! They are very simple! Something like the ones here! If anyone can do them for me then please contact me with sample pictures! I will add you to the buyers list for free once the plugin is up... I can easily do them myself but I would rather spend that time doing something else lol

    Oh and do you think i should also try to make annihilation?
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