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  1. When im making a minigame its only 1 game suported. So you can't run 2 games at the same time because i just use a hashmap and store the player in the hashmap when he joins and then sends messags through the hashmap. So i can't run 2 games in 1 hashmap. But my question is how i can make that i can make my game multi suported?
  2. Just create a now object for every started game. Put in this object your hashmap.

    If a new game will start, usw something like this: new Game();
    I would prefer to store every started game into a list.
  3. Object-oriented programming...

    Arena arena = new Arena()

    You are not going to understand this from me trying to explain it here. You need to watch tutorial videos or read s book because it is very powerful and one of Java's great features.
  4. Do you have a good one?
  5. 690 pages O_O. But do you think i can make this when i have read this?
  6. Well. After reading a book on the proper way to paint a house I'd assume you can replicate what you were taught. Though really you're the only one who can answer this. Yes if you'll put in the effort; No if you'd rather not.
  7. Hah i even read all of it. I stopped when it talked about using .mobi files to make sound then making a sound system. I don't need to take another 4 chapters to learn how to built UIs I have no want to use Java for stuff like that. I read to page like 300. You will definitely after that. It uses lots of pictures to really explain things like objects and the stack and static.

    Also the font is like font 15 and there are tons of pictures so it is not really that big.