Minigames Currency!

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by Michal05710k, May 31, 2016.

  1. Hello there, Im a minigames owner and need help.

    I have about 5 different minigames and was wondering if I could have one currency just like hivemc do.
    All these different plugins have different coins, tokens etc but I need just one currency that can be used to buy kits, boosters etc.

    If anyone knows this is possible or has a solution please help me out.
    Ive been trying to work this out for about a week and still cant so I need your help!

    My skype is michal05710k
  2. Hey,
    Do you mean Essentials Plugin so they have the same currency on ALL servers?
    Also If that is NOT the case then you are probably best going and buying a bungeecord servers and creating a network.
    HiveMC has bungeecord servers something like Hypixel.

    Hope I helped.
    - Dawidperez (Daf4Life)
  3. Could you add me on skype you seem like you know alot more about this topic than me and I need some help
  4. Okay, Please Private Message me your skype.
    - Dawidperez (Daf4Life)