Minigames plugin multiplayer spawn doesn't work

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  1. Hello,
    I create an arena with (I know that it moved on Spigot)
    But when I add spawn on a multiplayer arena it keep teleports me to the point where I did "/mg create test multiplayer"
    While in singleplayer spawn points works but lobby doesn't. I'm teleported to the arena without being able to choose a kit, and yes I saw the config :/

    Any help ?
    Thanks in advance
  2. You should contact the resource author, for me it works as expected.
  3. I did it but on the support he isn't answering to anyone, even suggestions :/
    Can you quickly explain me how you exactly do ?
    Cause even with tutorials it doesn't work, I do the exact same thing :/
  4. When I follow the tutorials correctly, everything works like normal.. Are there any errors in your console? Conflicting plugins?
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  5. I only had like 5 plugins,
    I'll try again and check out the console, thanks
  6. No problem, keep me updated
  7. I followed exactly this tutorial :
    But same thing, it keeps teleport me to the place where I typed "/mg create test2 multiplayer".
    The console doesn't show up anything, it says that the plugin is successfully enabled :/
  8. Can you try it with a clean server (no other plugins, latest 1.11.2 Spigot jar and a fresh world)?
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  9. Yes but no, because it tells me "Outdated server" when I open two different versions servers
  10. That's odd, have you shut down your other server before? And are you by any chance using the wrong Minecraft version? :p
  11. Yes and to be honest I'd prefer to stay with the 1.8 version (I know that it can be the problem)
    But the creator of the plugin told me to do /mg set ARENANAME mutiplayer
    But it didn't do anything
  12. Well then I don't know how I can help you any further :(
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  13. Thanks for trying to help me ! :)
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  14. No problem, you're welcome!
  15. Bump, any help please ?