Spigot Minigames 1.12

The original Minigames plugin, allowing server owners to create simple or advanced minigames!

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    Minigames - The original Minigames plugin, allowing server owners to create simple or advanced minigames!

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  2. How can I delete a start point for a CTF ?
  3. @Daxxas I don't know but maybe "/minigame set <Minigame> start clear [team colour]" ?

    And an idea:
    - New Gamemode (Minigames):
    Make a big Minigame with little minigames (like Mario-Party).

    PS: Sorry for my english ^^
  4. Hello,
    we are using Minigames development version for MC 1.9. But there some issues.
    1st: Some icons in gui menu of editing minigame is running plugin BlockHunt and that part of gui is absolutly useless. We using commands for editing. It isnt big problem but in console are several errors.
    2nd: Regions are not working correctly. Some setting are workind perfect, but when I want to region add set_score for player (no team), it set score, what is good but minigames doesnt quit with winner. In gui was set to min and max score for 1. I also try setting for player add_score but also doesnt work. In console was several errors. If you need this errors, I can send you.
    We must to thanks to you for this great plugin. Also, please add to regions option to reset map to default by end of minigame from save or from schematic. It can help better play SkyWars minigame. Thanks for reading and Im apologize for my bad English.
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  5. End, if is possible, to Game Over setting in GUI you can add option to TITLE winner (player or team) for players which was joined to the game.
  6. Little to no information on how to use the Loadout screen. I am having issues applying shields in the left hand, and armor on the player when they start.
  7. Sorry, but unfortunately Minigames has not been updated to allow for "off hand" use in loadouts. It's something we will be adding in the future though. But we have been really busy lately and haven't been able to work much on Minigames.
  8. Well that is very understandable. I hope you guys find the time to enhance this plugin. There is a LOT of potential here since it is a well functioning plugin. I would love to take up this myself, But I have no clue how to use Java coding... I am more of the idea person though. Like I am kinda upset that for the CTF mode, it requires a sign to be in place of the flag. I would of expected a selection in the minigames tool GUI to allow us to set a flag for CTF. I am not trying to tell you how to run your plugin, but these would be the things I would mention in a like conversation with you.

    Again, great plugin and I hope you can continue it =)
  9. Hey addstar, I know it was unadvised to use your minigames plugin in 1.9+. But im trying to use it in 1.10, I have the general concept of how to use your plugin but there are some things that I need help with. My concept is pretty original, Gun Game from CoD, but it uses bows/swords instead. I just made this account so I could contact you, if you think you can help me out I would be really appreciative. If not also let me know so I don't have to wait forever for a response. Thanks! IGN:TheKingOfOreos Skype:percent50505050 Server trying to use on: Steedsgate.mcserver.ws
  10. I'm sorry for taking so long to reply, I've been so busy IRL lately and haven't had time for much else.
    Unfortunately, we also sadly don't have time to help with other servers, we have so much work to do on our own server that never gets done ;)

    If you try to clearly describe your problems or questions here, hopefully someone can help you.
  11. Great to hear that this project is being continued! Can't wait for the 1.10 update!
  12. Is it possible to create a Murder type of minigame?
    3 teams -> ByStanders, Murder & Bystander with a gun.
    Goal for murder is to kill everyone with a knife.
    Goal for the bystanders is to kill the murder with the gun.
  13. Can you give some more info please? Need a bit more background than just a single stack trace ;)
    I don't know why/how this could happen, it looks like a player without a team tried to click the sign.
    Which team clicked the sign and which team's sign was it? Are you using "Neutral" signs?
    Has this happened once, or every time in this particular Minigame? Were there errors before this?

    I assume you're talking about https://github.com/AddstarMC/Minigames/pull/62 ? (your name is different but your avatar is the same)
    I'll reply to your PR on Github :)
  14. Hey ! I love your plugin, I'm use your plugin for create original game. I have many ideas to improve:
    1- When kill in minigames and eliminate the player are in gamemode 3 until the end of the game.
    2- a option for spectator gamemode 2 or 3.
    3- a option for register a game option into preset.
    4- activate or deactivate the auto balance team

    sorry if have a bad english (i'am french) Thanks for read :D
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  15. Hello! I love this plugin to death and I like what you are able to do in it, but I have encountered a problem. When I try to start a game, there is the countdown to when the game actually starts, so it goes 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5.... and so on and so forth. It continues to say "Game starting in 5 seconds", and the game never actually starts. Help me please!
  16. Hi, I seem to be having trouble with resetting my map. I created a spleef map, and it was working before (the map would reset), but now, the map won't reset at all. My crew and I have tried resetting it ourselves with regenarea but that doesn't seem to be working. Do you have any suggestions?
  17. Hi, i would like to create hungaer games, is it possible to create kits (different loadouts perplayer) and random generating chests?
  18. Azami7


    Is there an updated wiki? The game types seem to have changed. I can see looking at the code that Free For All, Team, and Treasure Hunt are all gone and that there is now Multiplayer and Global but I don't want to have to read the whole codebase to learn how to use them. Thanks!!
  19. Unfortunately not, the wiki has not been updated in a long time. Sadly we just haven't had time to maintain much of Minigames. We use it heavily on our own server and fix the problems that arise but we don't have any time to provide support. Maybe in the future we will have more time but at the moment we just don't.

    If anyone is interested/willing to maintain the Minigames wiki, let us know.
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