Spigot MinigamesLib 1.14.17

MinigameLib for many many Games !

  1. I have downloaded many times and fails in 1.9.4 spigot. it may actually work in ver 1.9.4?
  2. PLS Wait a Bit we Construct all the New Games and the System.

    The Original Owner dont work this Systems and we make it now better ^^
  3. And Yes TheMRQuake work hard for it to make all Games and the Lib + some New Games for 1.9.4
  4. Same here PLS wait.... round about 1 Week then we have all Plugins on 1.9.4 for Lib Version 1.14
  5. The first Systems are Online NOW
  6. Where's the github of this new version?
  7. Later later later ^^
  8. Snake, SeaBattle,OITC,GunGame Updated !!!
  9. bowbash and conquer don't working if i understand good ?
  10. Not on 1.9 atm but we work hard to upgrade this too
  11. Thanks for your hard work, I'll be sure to check back!
  12. Source code would be nice!
  13. From the Lib ?
  14. Does not wotk on 1.9.2, plugins loads without erros but commands are broken
  15. Version 1.14 is for 1.9.4
  16. Oh i didnt realize it o.0....
  17. No problem
  18. Yeah source code of the lib (This plugin)