Minimum RAM to start a server?

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  1. How much ram is needed to START a VANILLA minecraft server without anything. Simple to start it. Anybody ever tried it?
  2. 256mb should be enough.
  3. 512MB bare minimum i'd say but I recommend a minimum of 1.5GB these days but these are my personal recommendations
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    depends on the amount of ppl there will be playing on the server at the same time. but even when you are hosting a vanilla server I would go for spigot without plugins because there are many performance increases in spigot that vanilla doesn't have.
  5. A safe estimate would be to take the maximum amount of people you expect to play on it, and multiply that by 64mb
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  6. 256mb PER PLAYER?!?!?! Well, it's been established that you know fuck all.
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    well, you have no idea what you are talking about. what do you think the server needs to store that he will need 256mb for every player?!
  8. I am going to test this, will let you know.

    All of the tests are done WITHOUT players or any settings changed, the world is default generated and the seed is: [14:14:12] [Server thread/INFO]: Seed: -8420902069212556901

    Edit: 256MB booted up fine.
    Edit: 128MB booted up fine.
    Edit: 64MB crashed with this log:
    Edit: 96MB booted up fine.
    Edit: 80MB booted up fine.
    Edit: 72Mb booted up fine;
    Edit Edit: 72MB crashed after some time:
    Edit Edit Edit: 72MB has this crash report log:

    If you just need to boot up your server to get a map or something; use 512MB, if you plan on playing a map if your friends, 512MB should be enough to hold, 5, friends, if you are close.

    If you are playing a mini-game made with commands blocks, I would suggest getting more ram.
    When I home-host for friends I usually run it on 4Gb cos I can.
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  9. I run spigot test servers on my system sometimes to test plugins with 512 mb allotted. I think 256mb should be more than enough to just start a server. You could even try less. 128mb maybe to "start it without anything".
  10. For a functional server without any addons and a few players: 256MB

    Sure, you could start it up with less than that, but if you actually plan on using it...
  11. I'd say use a Gig, just in case you want players and it would be really smooth for a vanilla server.
  12. Yeah tried it, it's about 128MB RAM
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  13. Not the best idea to do that if you like performance. You're assigning more than you need which not only wastes ram but also causes the jvm to use more cpu cycles
  14. lol
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  15. A terabyte of ram should run as smooth as 500mb (because it's <<random access memory>>).
    Maybe the garbage collector will wait longer to kick in action but surely that is configurable (lowering the minimum ram?), and even then I'm sure the GC is non blocking + nets the same amount of CPU power...

    So what exactly are you talking about?
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  16. About 512mb is the minimum for maybe one or two players, with settings turned down. As more players are joining, plugins are added, and settings are boosted, you'll definitely need more RAM.
  17. 512 is the standard low ram server, while you can go lower, I would not recommend it since crashes become more and more frequent as you go down.
  18. As a reference Mineplex has 1gb on their player servers (the ones only creatable by donators).
  19. I'd say 1 gb to start with
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