Spigot MIReplacer2 - (Requires MMOItems) 2.5

Automatically change vanilla items into MMOItems.

  1. Is it possible to convert Slimefun items into custom MMOItems?

    I've created a Damascus Steel Sword as a Sword in MMOItems with matching attack and speed values. I can't convert Slimefun's Damascus Steel Sword into the MMOItems Damascus Steel Sword.

    [EDIT] I can create an item subtype and convert a vanilla item into it but not slimefun items.
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  2. I found a problem if player pickup an "arrow entity" stick on a block, the item pickup will be a vanilla item, it won't convert into MMOItems item template.
    Is that possible to fixed this problem?
  3. Is it possible to convert items when laying on ground?
  4. Amazing little plugin. If only didn't use ARIA
  5. 1.18 update please ?
  6. This is vanilla behavior and sadly can't be changed.
    These are a bit more complicated to add support for, so don't expect anything soon, but I'll look into it.
    This plugin is only for converting to MMOItems. Sorry!

    Use the newest version. It just requires MythicLib now and works on 1.18 :)
  7. Hello, there is duplication on the pickup.
    Possible to fix this bug?
  8. This shouldn't be MIReplacers work, but another plugin.
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  9. Is there a way to allow for shift clicking of crafted items back into inventories?
    This default behavior seems to stop working on converted items through this very fun and convenient plugin.
  10. This is sadly a needed feature, as Minecraft's event system is... Messy at best, and has allowed for A LOT of weird duplication bugs when shift-click crafting. I had to disable it for MIReplacer to work properly, but it should only affect the converted items.
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