Spigot MLG Damage Indicators 1.2.1

Holographic indicators showing the amount of damage/healing done to an entity

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    MLGDamageIndicators - Holographic indicators showing the amount of damage/healing done to an entity

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  2. Works great. Would be nice if there was one tinnnny option to set it as the raw damage and not /2.
    But since you have linked the source it's no big deal.
  3. Yea, I could also fire an event if desired. I do want to avoid creating and using a config though - already seeing how many options there are in combatindicator (and people still requesting more) just goes to show just how many customizations one may want to do with this (make them fly out and bounce around, use different colors for different damage types or critical damage, etc. etc.) - so I'm just not going to bother with that and just keep this simple, lol.
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  4. But... but I left a 5 star review. I thought that gave me the right to demand any changes I wanted!
    I 100% understand that you want to keep it simple. You've graciously supplied the source so I and anyone else can add any changes needed.

    I would suggest adding a link to this resource on the now dead combat indicator thread. Prior to finding this resource on your profile, I asked google for help and it's first 2 pages didn't display this. (Searched for "hologram + damage + indicator + spigot").
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  5. Well it's new. Could add some SEO keywords I suppose lol. You can add a link there if you'd like.

    Edit: found a place to stick the word "hologram" in the description lol
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  6. Feed a parrot a cookie, it displays a "large" number and seems to mess with some stuff
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  7. Well... This is probably the weirdest bug I have ever reported in 5 years of server owning. Yeah seans with me ^ Feeding a parrot creates a math glitch making a MASSIVE number above its head that doesn't go away and any further damages or healing stays stuck on and does not go away. It also locked up my server causing some other plugins to glitch out. I'm sure its a quick fix and I'll be glad to install this plugin back again when its patched.
  8. What's the error in the console? Sounds like an issue with spigot to me.

    Update: was able to reproduce this - but I'm not sure what the issue is. Whatever it is, it causes weird behavior for the client (entities/particles don't appear, some packets aren't received (e.g. /stopmusic) and unable to teleport and the like... very strange.

    Do you guys use ProtocolSupport?

    Update 2: Yup, looks like a spigot bug. This is actually the vanilla damage applied to a parrot when feeding it a cookie... so yea... I'll add a ceiling check as well I suppose.
    Code (Text):
    [21:32:55 INFO]: [EventDebug] Event fired: EntityDamageByEntityEvent
    getDamager: RoboMWM
    getCause: ENTITY_ATTACK
    isCancelled: false
    getDamage: 3.4028234663852886E38
    getFinalDamage: 3.4028234663852886E38
    getEntity: CraftParrot
    getEntityType: PARROT
    Note the "E38"
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  9. See above regarding the "massive number."

    As for the hologram being "stuck" - apparently I discovered that I added code to make larger damage values display for a slightly longer time - but yea, never accounted for huge amounts of damage like this.

    As for the weirdness with teleportation and other packets not being received by the client - I think this is because I "broke" the scheduler by setting a super long delay... need to confirm this though.

    Update: Yup, spigot bug, though I obviously need to set a ceiling on the maximum duration of the indicator lol.
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  10. Thanks, while I was combing through the source code I noticed the added time as well. Great plugin btw, we're reinstalling as soon as you update :)
  11. Yea, and in case you missed the edits to the posts, the scheduler weirdness was due to spigot comparing ints instead of longs (which was only an issue here because the duration was over the maximum integer value).
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  12. Still have the hologram stick to the area until restart with your Prince of all Sayians commit.
    I ended up adding if (value > 2048.0) value = 2048.0; under your cookie rant.
    2048 is the default max damage in the spigot.yml.
  13. It caps out to remaining there for 5 seconds max - it shouldn't set a duration longer than that. You sure you're using 1.2? (confirm via /version mlgdamageindicators)
  14. Yea. Like 99% sure, I even have the commented code about cookies and their power.
  15. Well, I'm using 1.12 (server and client), and the holograms are disappearing after 5 seconds for me. Maybe your client/server doesn't like entities with long names I guess?
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  16. This plugin is amazing. That said, I am a noob. I have basically no experience doing anything with java, but I really really wanted to make it so this plugin doesn't divide by two, and since the source code is generously provided, I figured I'd give it a shot. I downloaded eclipse, spent 3 hours trying to figure out how to ultimately get a working plugin, and as I bet those of you who have experience with java are guessing, I couldn't make it happen. I don't know how difficult it would be to provide step by step instructions on how to edit this to not divide by two and then make a working plugin out of it to someone who doesn't have experience, but if it is not too much trouble I would be super super super grateful. If it is too much trouble though, I'll still be using this plugin as it is excellent. Thanks!