Spigot Moar Bows 2.6

Add 25+ unique bows to your server!

  1. I'll see what I can do. I need a slight API redesign for that but that would be indeed a really cool addition.
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  2. Hi! I like all the effects of your plugin, they all look great and cool! but just one question: How do you modify the damage or the enchantment of the bow? I don't see it in the commands and I tried to modify them through adding a lore, damage: XXX, anvil enchant (well enchantment table worked, but the level is limited), and none of them worked. I want to use it on my RPG server, but because of its damage being limited, I can't put them together with my servers damage system and etc, can you help me with this? thank you!!
  3. I'm not sure what feature you are talking about. There is currently no way of editing the bow stats using an enchant however you can edit the bow values by editing the plugin config files. However I did plan to add something similar to that enchant mecanism
  4. FIRE_BOW:
    name: '&fFire Bow'
    - '&8&m------------------------------'
    - Shoots burning arrows that cause a
    - first burst upon landing, igniting
    - any entity within a few blocks.
    - '&8&m------------------------------'
    cooldown: 0.0
    durability: 0
    craft-enabled: true
    damage: 10
    eff: flame
    duration: 4
    max-burning-time: 8

    Here's one example, and I bolded the line that I want to mention, is there a way that we can change the damage of the bow? I tried to change the value above and it didn't seem to work.
  5. Have you used the plugin reload command after changing anything in the config?
  6. Yes, I did.
  7. @Indyuce Is there anyway you can add a cost to each bow type like-

    name: '&fEarthquake Bow'
    - '&8&m------------------------------'
    - Summons a shockwave when hitting
    - anything, powerfully knocking up
    - all enemies within 5 blocks.
    - '&8&m------------------------------'
    cooldown: 10.0
    durability: 0
    cost: 100
    craft-enabled: true
    eff: redstone:128,0,0
    knockup: 1
    radius: 5
  8. What do you mean by cost?
  9. So you have to buy them with in game money.
  10. Pretty sure other GUI plugins can handle that
  11. Yeah I guess, Is this open source?
  12. Hello everyone, tell me, does this plugin have any support for the MythicMobs and will there be any?
  13. I have planned to add support for non-player entities in the next update (rly soon)
  14. Pls... Permission cooldown?
  15. That's not how you request a feature.
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  16. Indyuce updated Moar Bows with a new update entry:

    [2.5] Bow levels

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  17. How does this plugin work with mmoitems ?
    I used /mi load BOW name and the bow's ability just gone.
  18. You can't bind MoarBows abilities to MI items
  19. How can I add something like attack-damage to MoarBows using MMOitems?
  20. You can't bind MI stats to bows from MoarBows either