Spigot Moar Bows 2.6

Add 25+ unique bows to your server!

  1. there is an error with version 1.14.4 the arches cannot be created on a crafting table
  2. Hey Indyuce, first and foremost. I want to congratulate you and compliment you on such an amazing idea and job well done!

    I'm trying to implement this plugin, but some of the bows are... 'not responding'. As if they're shooting 'blanks'? No arrow actually comes out and no effect or anything. Can't reproduce this, but initially all the bows worked. I've tried op/deop, all permissions, reloading config, etc. When this happens, only SOME of the bows are affected.
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  3. Same error for me
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  4. Hello! I know that I'm here very late, but if the owner of this plugin was here, I would love if he could make this plugin compatible with 1.8.x. Thanks!
  5. same error as the guys above...some arrows work..most do nothing
    getting java.lang.NullPointerException: null errors sometimes
    Could not pass event EntityDamageByEntityEvent to MoarBows v2.5.1
  6. Can you pastebin your latest server logs?
  7. Great plugin but I have an issue. Not sure if this resource is still updated but I'm on 1.14.4 and when I loaded the plugin half the bows didn't even shoot for me. We uninstalled and reinstalled the plugin and everything worked. It's the next day and again some of the bows have stopped shooting completely.
    The bows that don't work are bows that shoot linearly and bows that summon extra entities like the egg, snowball, triple bow, etc
    Console Error:
    Server thread/ERROR Could not pass event EntityDamageByEntityEvent to MoarBows

    I have the most recent version installed.

    Reloading the plugin fixes the issue temporarily.
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  8. Please pastebin your entire latest server logs (which contain that Could not pass event... log)
  9. No longer get the error anymore. Quite strange. If I get the error again Ill be sure to paste my console ASAP
  10. Hi there. How can I get Citizens, NPC to shoot bow effects? I'm using Sentinel plugins attach to Citizens but when the npc shoots, it only shoots regular bow, no effect. For example, firebow or icebow. Nothing. Please help! I'm making an npc companion that shoots explosing bows.
  11. I believe bows should work on any entity as long as you equip them bows from MB although that could be a bit different when using Citizens. Can you check your server logs for potential MoarBows error logs?
  12. Well to be precise, the bow equips to NPC but instead of showing the effects, it shows as a normal bow. When I unequip them the bow, the bow is just fine and the effects are still there. I think only player has the effects. It would be good to see an npc shoots bow with icebow or firebow for instance like Legendary Archer quest but instead, they shoot normal arrows.
  13. @Indyuce Suggestion to be able to disable specific bows in the config?
  14. Not sure why that would be used for, just disable their crafting recipe and don't use them at all
  15. Oh, you're totally right, I don't really know what I was thinking, even though I've used the plugin before for some reason I thought there were natural ways of getting the bows, by bad.
  16. Bows still stop working after awhile, have to totally shut the server down to get it working again
  17. Bow stop working after awhile and when you disconnect with a bow in-hand it breaks and stops shooting where you are. Instead it shoots where you last disconnected.