Mob cap and spawn mechanic

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  1. First off, excuse me if this is a repost, it might be, but ive spent hours trying to understand and solve this problem, and if this is a repost of another thread, please enlighten me and send me in the right direction.


    I set up a simple Spigot server, keeping it as vanilla as possible. Now running only two plugins, EasyBackup, and Core protect.

    as a newly started server, with a small community of 20 people, and maybe 4-5 active users every day, it should not meet any problems with mobcap. but as i have understood by spigots spawning mechanic, you set your mobcap, and thats it. there are no more to it, just a pure mobcap.

    We have encountered an issue, where one person stands afk in his base, with shit ton of mobs spawning, quickly filling up the mobcap now set to 80. thus, "shutting down" all darkroom/natural type mobfarms not set up around a spawner. We do not want to disallow afk'ing, as this will not resolve the issue anyways, we cant disallow people to stay around one spot building their base for hours either, same shit.

    i have yet to find a plugin that is just a pure butcher plugin, other plugins would be nice as well, but right now ive set up a scheduled task to run 5 different /kill @e[type=insertmobhere] commands every 15 minutes, this keeps us somewhat fresh, but it floods the damn console, and screeches to a halt for the remaining 10 minutes until a new kill wave comes.

    These are the settings we are running with:
    monsters: 80
    animals: 15
    water-animals: 7
    ambient: 15
    animal-spawns: 400
    monster-spawns: 1

    upping the spawn limit on monsters can only become an issue, because its not as i see it, spread out across all players online (and why the fuck is it not if i might add?)
    it can become an issue because one player could then end up with a fuckton of mobs around him, and again, shutting down mob farms. or even if there is just one person online, exploring, he would end up beeing overtaken by a wave of hungry enemies.

    is there some sort of setting, or a plugin even, where i can set a max mob cap for the entiere world, and then let it spread out over the players online?

    i mean, WHY does it work like this? this baffles me, how stupid of a system this is. in my logic, it would be much better to have X amount of mobs as a cap, and spread it across players online.

    what i would like to see is (numbers are just as an example here)

    1: Setting a server wide mob cap, lets say 500 for good measure.
    2: then set a player per player mob cap on around 40 mobs. if 2 players are online, they get both max 40 mobs spawned around them. as soon as more players join, and starts to reach the mob cap of 500 mobs, they are divided across all players online. so lets say 15 players join, then every player can only have 33 mobs spawned at one time around them. ofc if another player is within the same area as another, they can both chip in and get more spawned, combining this to 66mobs around them. or even if 2 players are online and together at one spot, 80 mobs can spawn.

    I would be happy to know if there are some plugins solving this issue. or even just an updated ok plugin that does butcher without flooding the damn console. i don't want to kill off every hostile mob though, as that could be a tad sad for someone taking down a wither, elderguardian, dragon etc etc. mainly just Skeletons, zombies, creepers, witches etc etc, the most common mobs, just to clear mobs now and then to refresh the cap, if this is our only option.

    Thanks for any help and knowledge people can give me :)
  2. We have a vanilla Server too, and exactly the same problem as you.
    If you have encounterd the problem in the meantime, it would be great if you could share it here.
    Otherwise i'll wait with you here for enlighment.