Mob Cap pr player plugin?

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  1. I am running Spigot 1.11.2 soon 1.12 when that releases.

    I am running a semi-vanilla SMP server, and because of the weird spawn cap mechanic in spigot, one player quickly hugs the mobcap. if i crank up the mobcap, it can end up being carnage up at the surface. it baffles me why the mobcap is not distributed across players, or that i can set a worldwide cap, then a player pr player based cap. give me atleast the option? ive searched high and wide for this issue, but there are no real answers out there, at least not what i have come across the past 5 days.

    I am looking for a plugin that can handle mobcaps pr player, so i can crank up my world wide mob cap higher, but the plugin limits the amount of mobs one player can spawn.

    Right now, just one player afk, or building his underground base, fills up the cap with mobs spawning. I have several /kill commands wacking off the most common hostile mobs every 15 minutes, but this is not an optimal setting, as the mobcap gets filled quick, and then have to wait for new 15 minutes, it ruins the "vanilla" feel to have the kill command go even more often.

    I get it, spigot wants to ensure performance, but i dont want to walk around in a world empty of mobs, just because someone has been at one place for to long. ive tried to bump up the spawn cap, but damn how many mobs spawn! its insane, i cant seem to find a good middle ground

    So if there is someone out there that know of a plugin that meets my needs, point me in the right direction :) i don't really care if i have to pay for it either

    i am running few plugins. EasyBackup and Coreprotect.
  2. I don't think said plugin exists, though I too would be appreciative if it did.
  3. That is the sad part, i don't know if it can be done. and it is weird that its not that much information on the matter out there. if there are any plugin makers here, this could very well be a plugin people are willing to pay for. i am at least. i don't mind paying for a good product
  4. I've got a lot on my plate atm, but I will for sure look into it when I have time!
  5. That would be awesome man o/ i have yet to se a plugin made for this particular issue. something that controls mobcap that is.