Spigot Mob Repellent 2.0 1.11.2

Create metal beacons that prevent mob spawns.

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    Mob Repellent 2.0 - Makes Mob's not spawn in defined Areas.

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  2. No no, SO much love. Thanks a lot for continuing this mod! I've always loved it and use it on all the small private servers I host for my friends. However, as of updating my server version to 1.8.4, the old version (0.7.2) seemed to allow a small amount of mobs to spawn ( like 1 or 2) in areas where they should have been repelled. Hopefully, your new version (2.0) fixes that. I'm testing it out tonight and will let you know how it goes. I'm just happy to see an update after all this time!

    Just to let you know, I noticed that despite using your MobRepellent-1.8.4.jar, it still shows up in the console as "[Server] INFO MobRepellent (v0.7.2) is enabled!"

    Also, back on the Bukkit.org page, somebody had previously mentioned an issue with armor stands in the 0.7.2 version, and how they had to resort to using the "list" feature as a work around. I just wanted to check if that would still be necessary with your updated 2.0 version? Here is a link to the post: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/mobrepellent/?comment=73

    I'd appreciate any response, and keep up the great work!
  3. Any chance that this will be updated for 1.9 when it's released?

    If not, any possibility of the source being released? I may take it on :)
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  4. Hay are you still working on this? (please say you are) I have a big bug with the plugin (server crash level) its not your version as the issue was present in 0.7.2a as well but would really like a fix please please please msg me so I can give details
  5. Just found your resource and i love the concept! Reminds me of Nian Zhu's from Xeno's Reliquary mod. Is it currently possible or perhaps if not would you consider server owners being able to modify how and how much of each material is required to construct the structure out of?
  6. Where the blocks are editable in the config, under block ID, change to the block you want to use, excluding liquids. Other then that, The structure is staying as that as of now, until I have more time.
  7. Are you going to update this plugin to 1.12
  8. Good plugin! Is it 2 mb?

  9. Registered just to make a comment on this mod! This mod is a game changer, and it's one of the only reasons my friends and I are even playing minecraft oddly enough. We wanted a survival mode city but, keeping aesthetics in mind, didn't want to spam light over Every. Single. Last. Full Block in the whole dang city. Honestly it eludes me why a mod like this isn't more mainstream, so you can actually make nice looking cities with reasonable lighting.

    Anyway, this mod still works with 1.16. Hopefully it will continue to work, idk what we'd do without it!