Spigot Mob Ride 1.0.1

in this plugin you get to ride animals!

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    Mob Ride - Mobride

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  2. Code (Text):
    player.sendMessage(ChatColor.GREEN + "Seccess!");
    secces is spelled wrong and failure
    is spelled wrong
  3. xD thanks for the feedback, I will fix that right now
  4. This doesn't even work lol

    Also, can I have the source?
  5. what do you mean it doesn't work? Like it doesn't load
  6. No it loads correctly, no errors in console, not sign of it not working how it's supposed to. I log on to my server, do /ride, it says "Seccess" but I'm not riding a bat? And I thought it was the bat erroring it, so I changed it to 'COW' in config, and it still doesn't work?
  7. Here is the source http://adf.ly/1HM3ey