Spigot Mob Spawner Collector 1.13 - 1.15 1.1

collect spawner with or without special tool

  1. There is a very big problem with your plugin.
    I don't know if you can fix it.

    User 1 has the Item that spawners collects.
    User 2 creates a region of the residence.
    User 2 prohibits the block break in his residence.
    User 1 breaks the spawner with the spawner collector and gives it 1 spawner, but the original spawner is still intact.
    You can do this infinitely, since as the game understands that the spawner has not broken, the spawner collector does not lose health.

    Can you fix it?
  2. I will try to correct this problem as soon as possible and post an update
  3. Ok ... Now everything is perfect.

    Thank you.