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Mob Spawning Oddities / low spawns.

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by Kainzo, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. First off, this has been present on almost "all" builds of Spigot from the very beginning.

    100 online = 1100 "monsters"
    Code (Text):

    view-distance = 4
        mob-spawn-range: 4
      monsters: 95
      animals: 13
      water-animals: 1
      ambient: 2
    My players on Herocraft are upset and want to find mobs but on the most recent builds of Spigot they seem to be even less around.

    Just looking for answers and possible reasons for the horrible spawning. On a server where players have to level to achieve it makes it hard on everyone.

    Any thoughts/fixes ?
  2. I have had this same issue, try setting your view distance to 6 and your mob spawn range to 3, I have no clue why this works but in testing and production environments players my players have reported huge increases in spawning with these settings or similar ones such as view distance 5 and spawn distance 2.
  3. The lower the view distance the better the lag - so we're trying to keep it low.
  4. That is certainly true, I never put mine above 6 these days. I hope at least the devs cause use the fact that those settings work well and others do not to help reverse engineer the problem.
  5. At our server we have experienced the same. We have a few conclusions...

    With the Monster Limit raised to 700 and Ticks Per Monsters at about 40-50.
    - Seems to fix most issues.
    - Players Constantly in motion traveling in one direction will not spawn too many mobs naturally.
    - A player needs to stand around the same chunks for Monsters to spawn with more ease.

    Most interestingly:
    Also we tried to track the string "mob-spawn-range" in the Spigot code but could not find it being used anywhere in the code... is this feature disabled or broken?
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  6. I swear in very old builds of spigot there was more mobs than normal vanilla mc (more fun! :D), unless I'm thinking about CB++...
  7. Sort of correct. That setting does exists, but SpawnerCreature.java doesn't use it.... (I dont know if md_5 is aware or not...)

    Currently it simply restrains to the view-distance. but yeah this is a bug.

    But your root problem for mobs not spawning is due to chunk leakage.

    This shouldn't even really be a Spigot specific issue.

    Mob limit is calculated based on chunks in range of players.

    Lowering view-distance is actually going to make the problem worse as that makes it less chunks in range of players.

    The root issue is that chunks can leak due to plugins (just overall CB flaw, look at mikes Chunk GC thread)
    These chunks still have monsters in them... counting towards your mob limit.

    Mikes ChunkGC commit fixes this problem by unloading these chunks, keeping the server proper.
  8. Bestle


  9. See my response..

    Erocs commit simply altered the formula for mobs is why they started spawning again. It's not a proper solution though.

    Now, when a chunk leaks with a reduced view-distance, the formula gets even lower mob limits (desired behavior to improve performance...)

    But this makes it even more prone to get no spawns due to leaked chunks.

    Run ChunkGC and raise your limit a tad and you should be good.

    I run with a limit of 200 and control density through a plugin (Check my fork for special events I created for this usage:

    I have no issues with spawning.
  10. Yeah... when using vanilla CB - this issue is not here. There are several thousand mobs with 50-60 players. If the mob-radius isnt even being used, I'm really not sure how to increase the mob spawn-rate with view-distance = 4 (or low amounts)...
  11. What "monster limit" are you referring to?
  12. SuperSpyTX


    Your problem is because a portion of mob spawning is based off of the view distance (https://github.com/EcoCityCraft/Spi...net/minecraft/server/SpawnerCreature.java#L40). According to the comment, it's there to prevent extra chunks from loading?

    Either way, if it was configurable, you might be able to increase the mob count then.
  13. Bukkits Limits for Monsters, Animals, Water, and Ambient.
  14. Yeah, no matter what I set there, it has no bearing on the server (from what I can see..)....
  15. Yeah there are still Chunks Leaking but this works to some extent for us:
    monsters: 700
    animals: 16
    water-animals: 2
    ambient: 4
    animal-spawns: 400
    monster-spawns: 45
    autosave: 0
  16. warning: with those settings you can kill your server as monsters will spawn up to 700 per player... so if many players sit still for a while, your going to hurt.
  17. By myself in one spot never went over 200 Mobs
  18. Is this still ongoing? Is there any bug logged on hub.spigotmc.org tracking this?
  19. No
  20. I am still having this issue. What is the latest fix? Do I have to increase my limit to 700?

    I've been using this...
    monsters: 80
    animals: 10
    water-animals: 2
    ambient: 3
    period-in-ticks: 600
    load-threshold: 0
    animal-spawns: 580
    monster-spawns: 11

    That gets zero mobs spawning for me.

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