Mob spawning; yes, again...

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  1. Okay, for some reason I can't get a straight answer out of anyone, so humor me... what are the settings to get default, vanilla mob spawn rates. I'm referring specifically to mob-spawn-range.

    I run every world with view-range: 10 (no comments on this if you please), yet no matter what I do with mob-spawn-range, I keep having ridiculously low spawn rates, to the extent players are on my ass about it 24/7.

    Build #934, by the way.
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    Lower the mob spawn limit thingy, and also lower the ticks-per-monster-spawns in the bukkit.yml (Soon to be spigot.yml :D)
  3. ticks per monster spawn is 1 - and lowering the limit, uh, how does that compute when I say "ridiculously low spawn rates"...
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  4. I would also like to know what the default numbers are for vanilla. Never got any real numbers either and it seems that the spigot/bukkit defaults are not the same as vanilla rates.
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  5. I'm not looking for like, the mob-pocalypse, but it's things like, someone's got a rather nice mob farm, and on Bukkit it will produce a steady stream of mobs. With Spigot and default settings, it's down to like, a few a minute. Same with the enderman farm; on Bukkit it'd spawn enough (and fast enough) for 2 people to be able to be in there non-stop. With Spigot and default settings, you have to wait 5 minutes for it to fill up, then you clear it out, wait another 5 minutes, and so on.

    I just need things to go back to "normal"...
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    The vanilla default for mob-spawn-range is 8 as far as I know.

    I typically keep it at whatever my view distance is (so 7 for me)
  7. Right, back again...

    mob-spawn-range 8
    view-range 10
    ticks per mob spawn 10
    hostile mob limit 128
    animal limit 16
    ambient limit 2
    water creatures 2

    And still really low compared to vanilla/standard bukkit. Like, low enough as to where I'm getting half my playerbase harassing me about it daily right now. Now don't tell me nobody knows what settings equate to vanilla behaviour?
  8. mob-spawn-range: 8
    ticks-per: monster-spawns: 1
    spawn-limits: monsters: 70

    Perceptible spawning rates are conditional. People complain about it even when I have the rates much higher than normal even on craftbukkit. It's almost always the cases of dark room spawning grinders. (which is also going to be affected by your activation range, btw, but 32 is consistent with vanilla) If you already hit your mob limit (and any loaded hostile mobs in that world will affect this), newly loaded chunks are much less likely to spawn any hostile mobs. So it will often feel random to the player.
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  9. The ZipKrowd seems to have addressed the issue as seen in their video:

    It would be GREAT it the Spigot team could put the code they provide into Spigot!!! It might really help!

    The mob spawning issues in Spigot feel like they might be an issue with the mobs not despawning when they should. My guess is that some fancy chunk caching in Spigot keeps chunks loaded when they would have been unloaded and the mobs in them despawned. This is just my guess. I've tried to help solve this issue in the past, but it seems like the issue persists.
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  10. I've always had this kind of issue. Almost always I could run around outside in the night with 0 monsters, but when exploring during the day I could encounter monsters out in broad daylight... Exploring during the day, creepers and spiders are/were common monsters to see since the undead burned and died.

    I set my view-distance to 7 in and spigot.yml, then
    Code (Text):
      monster-spawns: 7
    in bukkit.yml, and I hope I will get a bit better rates.
  11. At least you are getting mobs :( I get 0 mobs in my world but in event world i get tons!
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    I wouldn't post it in here. Post a new thread if you need to get help. This thread is dead.
  13. K thanks :)