Spigot MobAbilities 0.4.1

Use the abilities of mobs

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    MobAbilities - Use the abilities of mobs

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  2. You may be wise to change the commands from /ma to something else. Many plugins use /ma as an alias, such as the well-known MobArena plugin. This plugin sounds like a lot of fun though, good idea!
  3. Thank you for your comment. I just decided to change it to /abilities would that interfere with any plugin you know?
  4. Not off the top of my head.
    You could also, if it's really an issue, have the command configurable so operators could change it if necessary. In theory you could have it as /ma! :)
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  5. I have a idea on what to add. Zombies - No hunger, Deal more damage to players. However, you will get burned in daylight and your slower
  6. can u plz update for 1.13+?
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