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  1. Yes, but as I'm still struggling with RSI, in a very limited way for now. With a lot of help from slipcor, patch-level updates and minor enhancements should be rolling out to keep the plugin alive here and on DBO, though :)
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  2. Ah, wow that sucks. :/ Last update I seen, was that you were moving. Never knew, good to see the plugin is still going though, and that you're getting help too. :) A lot of things changed since the last time I used this both in the plugin and base game so I'm excited to see where this old favorite goes.
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  3. Heya, would it be possible to extend rewards to run commands or named items?
    I have a token system(paper renamed and lored) and would love to offer them as a reward for MobArena.
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  4. I have worked a bit on trying to figure out a good way to make a flexible "grantable" API where abstract things like commands can be "granted" (executed) as rewards. I never finished it, but the source code is still sitting in a branch on github, so I might pick it back up (or completely rewrite it) at some point down the road. So yeah, it's on the roadmap :)
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  6. Is there a way to change the prefix of the messages? I can't seem to find it in the configs :p
  7. garbagemule updated MobArena with a new update entry:

    Bring your own items, default classes, and a bunch of bug fixes

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  8. Zaino60


    Hello, nice to see you on Spigot! I've been using your bukkit plugin in my server for years! It's amazing to see that you are still updating it! :D

    Anyway, I tried updating to the latest version but unfortunately it errored and the plugin didn't load (Does it support 1.8 servers or it's 1.11 only?)
    Here's the error log and server information in case you need it:
    - Full Server Log (With the error): http://pastebin.com/ZECmmjeB
    - Spigot Version: CraftBukkit version git-Spigot-21fe707-e1ebe52 (MC: 1.8.8) (Implementing API version 1.8.8-R0.1-SNAPSHOT)
    - Mob Arena Version: v0.97.5 (Latest to date)
    - Plugins list: AutoSaveWorld, WorldEdit, ColoredSigns, ExecuteEverywhere, Spawn-TP, PermissionsEx, LagMeter, ConditionalCommands, ViaVersion, WorldBorder, Vault, HideStream, Votifier, HiddenSpectators, WorldGuard, ProtocolLib, SexyPEX, DeluxeChat, BungeePortals, AAC, eZProtector, MobArena, PwnFilter, ServerSigns

    Any ideas why the plugin isn't loading? Thanks in advance for your help, and It's good to see you back @garbagemule !
  9. Always nice to hear from long-time users! :)

    The recent MobArena updates are for 1.11+ only. The reason is that 1.10 (or 1.11, I forget) brought a big overhaul of all the entities in the API. This means breaking changes with no reasonable means of backwards compatibility, so I chose to focus my time and effort around 1.11. My assumption is/was that people will eventually update to 1.11+, so I'd have to make the jump at some point anyway.

    It's been over half a year since 1.10 was released, and almost a year since 1.9. Is there any particular reason you're still running 1.8? Anything holding you back?
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  10. Zaino60


    All (or most) actual big servers still use 1.8 with ViaVersion for many reasons, but mostly because most players are still using 1.7/1.8 as their preferred Minecraft clients so updating would involve drastically reducing the server's playerbase, that's why. As many other plugin developers do, is there a way you could do a 1.8 port/compatibility/version for the plugin? It would be really appreciated!
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  11. Here's something that compiles: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/11723967/ma/mc18/MobArena.jar

    It is completely untested. It shouldn't break anything, but it might crash or be super buggy. If it works, I think I might be able to fairly easily backport some updates. If not, it was worth a shot I guess :)
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  12. Zaino60


    Gotta test and let you know, thank you very much!

    EDIT: It worked, thanks!
    #16 Zaino60, Feb 23, 2017
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  13. Zaino60


    Suggestion: The Mob Arena spectating system is kinda outdated, so why not implement the new Minecraft Spectator mode when spectating mob arenas?
  14. Hey there,

    Recently MobArena stopped allowing my NPC's (for class selection) in to the lobby when 'allow-teleporting: false'.
    Unsure if it's a problem with MobArena or Citizens2, but I have class signs set up for now, so it's not a huge problem, but if you could offer advice or a solution, that'd be great.

    Also recently, I believe since 097.5? Explosions in the arena from exploding sheep, creepers, obsidian bombs, and self introduced explosions have been damaging the terrain, allowing players and monsters to fall through in to areas that should be unreachable.
    Unsure if it's a problem directly caused by MobArena. At least the blocks are restored at the end of each arena, but again, if you could offer any advice on resolving this, that'd be great.

    Spigot: 1.11.2
    MobArena 0.97.5
    Code (Text):
          world: world_creative
          enabled: true
          protect: true
          entry-fee: ''
          clear-wave-before-next: false
          clear-boss-before-next: true
          clear-wave-before-boss: false
          soft-restore: true
          soft-restore-drops: false
          require-empty-inv-join: false
          require-empty-inv-spec: false
          hellhounds: true
          pvp-enabled: false
          monster-infight: false
          allow-teleporting: false
          spectate-on-death: true
          auto-respawn: true
          share-items-in-arena: false
          min-players: 1
          max-players: 12
          max-join-distance: 0
          first-wave-delay: 10
          wave-interval: 20
          final-wave: 30
          monster-limit: 100
          monster-exp: true
          keep-exp: true
          food-regen: false
          lock-food-level: true
          player-time-in-arena: noon
          auto-ignite-tnt: true
          auto-start-timer: 0
          start-delay-timer: 0
          auto-ready: false
          use-class-chests: false
          display-waves-as-level: false
          display-timer-as-level: false
          use-scoreboards: true
          isolated-chat: false
          global-join-announce: true
          global-end-announce: true
          show-death-messages: true
          default-class: ''
  15. The teleport code in MobArena is ancient. It hasn't been changed since 2013, so if this is a recent issue, it's likely either a change in Minecraft/Spigot or Citizens2 that's causing it.

    That's likely a side effect from fixing a bug where MobArena would globally (outside arenas) prevent explosions in Nether and End worlds. Please create an issue on github so we can track it :)
  16. Hi, just wanted to say what a fun plugin, and what a B*... that you also have RSI. It disabled me totally, but computers was my job, and still is my hobby... But now i can walk away anytime i can... I used to take ibuprofen and paracetamol as a combo for the pain, but now i take none, my muscles need rest once and a while. Good luck with your plugin and the RSI pain, i know what it is.....
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