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  1. I think it was because I'm running 1.16.1
  2. Ok so I was trying piglin_brute on 1.16.1 Just updated to 1.16.3.... so does the "-" matter over "_" when selecting the mob? The sheep are kind of dumb by the way. I can let you try the arena if you have time?! Send me a PM.
  3. It does. You might be able to get around it being an issue by announcing the disable (also on a timer) some time before it happens, same way you would warn about server restarts and such. Alternatively, MobArena has the events that you would need to listen to to "disable after the last game" if you can script your way out of it.
  4. MobArena strips all "spacers" from the names of the mobs and whatever you put in the config-file, so piglinbrute, pig-lin_bru.te and piglin-brute are all the same.
  5. Okay appreciate it. Probably well beyond my ability for sure! Would love to see it in the future as a possible addition, but for now I will try one of these work arounds. Thank you
  6. Is this EVER going to be updated to 1.16.3 and the content/features improved. As far as I'm concerned this plugin is DEAD w/ no updates in almost 10mo.
  7. It works fine on 1.16.3. There are dev builds available on Discord for the latest unreleased stuff. You are welcome to submit feature requests on github.
  8. Last update was 3 weeks ago :eek: The plugin runs so good on my 1.16.3 server, come join discord for the latest builds and a place to hang out and chat with other mobarena people! :)
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  9. How do you disable the "MyItems" class and how come thats not documented anywhere O_O lol
  10. Same way you disable any other class. It's on the permissions page on the wiki :)
  11. I'm super sorry, its not there. Negating it (I assumed the permission like the other classes) also didn't do anything. I looked for "MyItems" in the entire wiki, and did not see it mentioned anywhere :x

    What I ended up doing was just breaking the command, making it an alias to a different command.
  12. That's exactly what you want to do, so it sounds like you did find it. There's no specific section about My Items on the permissions page because it isn't treated any differently. If you can deny permission to use the Knight class, you can deny permission to use the My Items class. They are treated the same way. Perhaps you made a mistake, but it's hard to tell without knowing what you tried.

    Creative! Whatever works for you :)
  13. No, I didn't find it. Your wiki doesn't mention ANYWHERE on it that players can bring their own gear in without needing permission to do so.

    That is pretty important and honestly I'm surprised I've been using this system for years and had no idea that was a thing. My bad for missing it, but even looking in updates for plugin versions I only see "myitems" mentioned once.

    Using luckperms I've found the issue. Luck perms has an auto-fill feature and it looks like the permission is "mobarena.classes.my items".

    There's a space in the permission. I've tried every variation from myitems to my_items, none work and none show up as permissions in the luckperms auto fill.

    This has been tested on 1.12 and 1.16.3.


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  14. @KoKoBerry The wiki does mention the My Items class, and it also explains that you need to deny or revoke permissions for classes and arenas. It isn't explicitly stated how to do what you want to do, so it does require you to connect the dots to understand that you need to deny the My Items permission somehow to prevent players from using it.

    On the other hand, I don't know how problematic the implicitness actually is, since this is the first time I've seen it mentioned. To put things into perspective, My Items was introduced almost 4 years ago, and the command to pick classes was introduced almost 7 years ago. That's not to say there isn't an issue, though. If you have any concrete ideas on how to improve the documentation, feel free to share :)

    As for the permission value, it should be mobarena.classes.myitems, so I think you might have found a bug there. Feel free to submit a bug report on Github :)
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  15. You can probably edit it in in the files instead of using the command
  16. Will do, but your wiki is extremely missleading. Its not mentioned at all on the permissions page, that would prob be enough to stop someone like me from missing it. (I get that it mentions the classes, but this being a class that is not in the config at all, and also not mentioned in the config at all, it should get mentioned more than one tiny place in the config section, since most people like me don't read that because we just read what the fuck the config says).

    I work over 120 hours a week due to the pandemic, so I apologize if I don't reply to the github post fast enough, I will provide what I can for you...
  17. Sorry for nitpicking semantics, but I don't think the word misleading is fair. The wiki mentions that it is an implicit class, and it has information about how to disable classes, so all the information is there, and it doesn't "lie" to you about anything in this regard.

    I agree that it isn't immediately obvious, and you have to piece two bits of information together that are located in different parts, so it definitely could be clearer. It just seems weird to plaster a big fat note on each (or some) page(s) saying "btw My Items is a class, and like other classes, you need to revoke permission for it if you don't want people to use it". I think we can do better than that. Putting a note on the permissions page is not a bad idea, but I'm worried that we're solving the wrong problem and that it won't actually help, in which case we're bloating the wiki needlessly.

    A little more perspective on the My Items class: It was introduced as a "hack" because people kept asking about it. The "class system" in MobArena doesn't really make a lot of sense for a setup where you bring your own items, but this solution was a way to accommodate that use case without having to rewrite the plugin to support a "classless" mode. But you did say something interesting about My Items not being in the config-file - maybe it just needs to be. Perhaps we can change it so it isn't implicit. That way, people will have to explicitly put it into the config-file to use it, so it becomes an "opt in" thing. This would align its "status" as a class a little better with the other classes as well. It would be a breaking change, though.

    As for "what the fuck the config says", we are unfortunately limited by the YAML spec and the SnakeYAML project's take on comment preservation. Because of the mutator functionality of the /ma setting command, and because of MobArena's intrinsic "config file content catch-up" functionality, we sometimes write to the config-file from the plugin, which means comments are lost. Some other plugins do some semi-hacky things to preserve comments, but their config-files are usually structurally simple compared to MobArena's. Perhaps when/if the config-file is split up into multiple parts, we can do something better than what we have now.

    The Github issue is fine, thank you. Stay safe.
  18. I can tell by your reply I did not get my wording correctly enough for the conversation and it looks more "angry" when it was not intended to be so, it was just a rushed reply.

    1. I do not feel lied to in any way. I apologize if it came off like that, not my intention.
    2. The config statement was me saying that most people don't need to look at a wiki to figure out a config file (its an easy file when you look at it). So just pointing out it would be another easy thing to miss.

    I get what you mean by bloating the wiki, I just mean noting that its a class on the permissions page in the current text already there. I did go right to the permissions page and I did assume that "myitems" was the class, and I only struggled because of a bug so that does show its enough info for me to follow it lol. I know a few other people who have been working with this plugin for quite a long time, some in much more detail than I, and none of them knew it was a feature either and that's really more of why I bring it up.
  19. Hey! This is not semi-hacky!
    It's very simple, yet it seems no one has thought of it before.

    But I think some people do an on-the-fly merge operation with a baseline file of some sort.

    Not our fault your config file is a mess. :giggle:
  20. Yes, a custom emitter like that is semi-hacky. Its lack of generality is a liability in terms of maintenance. That doesn't mean it isn't useful or does what it's designed to, of course. Implementing a purpose-built custom emitter for MobArena config-files to demonstrate just how inflexible the approach is is left as an exercise for the reader.

    Yes, some plugins dump to a string and then insert the comments by searching for specific nodes in very rigid structures. Again, usually semi-hacky because it usually isn't very general, leaving plenty of room for error in the edge cases of the YAML spec. There's a very good reason that we see attempts at making general config-file libraries that preserve comments - it's simply too much work and too big of a liability to write custom emitters again and again.

    Au contraire.

    The original MobArena config-file was very lean and straightforward. It is only due to the many wonderful feature requests and different use cases that the config-file has grown to the complexity it is at right now. I didn't implement any of it for myself, I did it for you. So in a sense, it is entirely your fault that it's a mess. You could have just used the plugin as it was when it was released in 2011, but oh no, you just had to go and ruin it by wanting it to be better ;)