Spigot MobCapture 1.3.4 - Alpha Build

A very user-friendly way to capture animals and mobs [Economy Support]

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    MobCapture - Capture animals & monsters at will!

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    Extra Lore + Bug Fix

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  3. Love that this plugin actually saves the data of the mob it catches, looking forward to the new features and the potential this plugin has. Would be great if in the future we could set a price per mob for redstone/vault so i can charge less for certain mobs and lots for others ;)
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  4. Hey! I was wondering if your plugin also saves villager data? So the trades will stay the same and not spawn a new villager in.
  5. It definitely does. I was just testing that in the 1.1 update yesterday. The captured villagers had the same trades.
  6. In 1.12 too?
  7. Yes, that is correct.
  8. could you add support for towny and griefprevention? so people can't catch other people mob in claimed land?
  9. Gladly. I'll get to adding that soon.
  10. thank's i would like to donate if you add support to towny and griefprevention. because i need it for my server. and maybe make it that player can't catch other player tamed mob. only the tamer can catch it
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  11. I'm pretty much finished adding support for both plugins. :giggle::D I'll upload the new update after I receive a response to that PM I sent you. I want to make sure I'm not forgetting any details. And the update will be only on 1.12 until both of those plugins support 1.13. I assumed you were running on 1.12 anyhow.
  12. Does the latest build work on 1.12.2?