Spigot MobCapture 1.3.4 - Alpha Build

A very user-friendly way to capture animals and mobs [Economy Support]

  1. There is now a "NONE" CostMode! (y)
  2. Please add ITEM and VAULT cost in mode cost :rolleyes:.

    Ex. 5 money, and 1 redstone

    Thanks, good plugin :love:.
  3. Looking good! Thank you :)
  4. I will be adding a "BOTH" cost mode quite soon. That's definitely on my list. (y)
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  5. Love it and three notes from me.

    In the plugin description you listed snowball as "SNOW_BALL" while the actual id is without a space "SNOWBALL". Snowballs work by the way.

    While you did indeed include lore text for the color of parrot mobs, you seem to have forgotten to include color lore text for sheep. Different color sheep get stored under different stacks which is thankful.

    And the last note I have is just a request to make a craftable item to capture mobs. I like making my players work for their fun, and needing to first craft an item is acceptable. The recipe I am thinking of a diamond of iron ingots with redstone in the center.
  6. Thank you for the message. Yes, the change from "SNOW_BALL" to "SNOWBALL" must of slipped my mind. o_O I believe that happened in 1.13. I will make sure to update that section of the configuration to be more on the dot.

    I can also add the NBT data for colored sheep. I can't believe I forgot that! :LOL:

    So, you're referring to having a craftable item as the required item to catch a mob/animal? That sounds like a great idea! Definitely better than using something easily obtained. I'll add that to my list of updates I plan to do. I'll get to it as soon as I can. :coffee:(y)
  7. Ah sweet, thank you. Although the craftable item idea is basically a pokeball except you probably should not be calling it a pokeball for oblivious reasons. I also like the craftable item idea for immersion reason. And egg, or in my case a snowball, have no reason to capture mobs. But a new item that is magic electricity surrounded by metal? Sure why not.
  8. Definitely possible, as long as you aren't expecting something visually different than something already in Minecraft. Sadly Spigot doesn't have a way to create brand new items with new looks. That would require the client to have a custom resource pack.
  9. Hey!

    I've set the cost to be 12 REDSTONE_BLOCK.
    Loving the plugin, here's some feedback my players and I have:
    • Redstone needs to be in your hotbar. It would be cool that you just need to have them somewhere in your inventory.
    • When spawning the mob back in by clicking with the egg, it often glitches into another block. Could you set the spawnpoint in the middle of the clicked block?
    • When a player had more the 12 redstone blocks in her inventory, it took all of them for 1 catch.
    Hope you can add those things :)
  10. WiseHollow updated MobCapture with a new update entry:

    Bug Fixes

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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  11. I couldn't reproduce the redstone needing to be in my hotbar. If you could give me more information on what I'd have to do to see this same problem, I'd love to help!
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  12. Did you made the changes for the 1.12 version too? I'll try to reproduce it myself too, didn't saw it for myself, it it's still there, I'll let you know!
  13. Yes, both versions should have the same fixes. Thanks!
  14. Uh, is anyone else not able to capture a squid? I get the "you do not have permissions to capture this creature". Except I have all three types of permissions and was able to capture other mobs just fine.
  15. :unsure:I'll look into this likely tonight. (y)
  16. Hi @Premiumstyle_LP. There are a few bits of information that could help determine the reason for a creature not being captured. :) Can you let me know on which version of Spigot you are using to run the plugin, and if there are any errors in console?

    Some things to check are..
    • Does the user have OP or the correct permission nodes to capture said creature?
    • Does the user have enough redstone(or whatever item is charged)
    And by 'last egg' do you mean, if you have more than 1 egg, it captures, but not when you have only 1 left?
  17. So one of my players was unable to capture villagers or phantoms although they did indeed have permissions for peaceful and hostile. I confirmed this and was able to capture those two mobs by adding specific mob permissions. I do not know how the lists for peaceful and hostile are made, but they appear to be missing villagers and phantoms.

    Also thank you for the quick responses and fixes for my previous comments as well as comments by others.
  18. :unsure: Ohhh, it seems there are several mobs that don't fit into either category for creature types. I'll make a note of this and try and get an update out today.

    Yeah, I'm happy to have people who are thankful and enjoy using my software. (y)