Spigot MobCapture 1.3.4 - Alpha Build

A very user-friendly way to capture animals and mobs [Economy Support]

  1. To answer the important question :D Yes :3 If I have 2 eggs, it will capture the Mob, but if I have only 1 Egg it only harms the Mob

    Now the other Questions ^^

    This server is running CraftBukkit version
    git-Spigot-ed1cec9-1c7adf (MC: 1.13) (Imprementing API version 1.13-R0.1-SNAPSHOT)
    (Nitrado only uses This version <_<)

    Yes, we all have OP

    I changed it to don't charge anything
  2. Thanks! I'll take a look later this evening and try and get an update out.
  3. I took a look and fixed the issue that resides in some changes to 1.13.1. I assume that's where you ran into the problem. If it was a different version, let me know.
  4. Would it be possible to make it so that say an arrow, only catches a mob if it has certain item name or lore?
  5. Hello,

    If i use eggs for mob catching, does eggs from chicken can be used to catch mobs? Or i can set a special eggs with meta datas to catch mobs and let the eggs from chickend do nothing? Thanks
  6. I can see value in such a feature. I will add it soon. (y)
    Currently they are regular eggs, so when you throw them there is a chance to hatch a baby chicken. However I can make this an option in the configuration. I'll add it sometime soon. :)
  7. Ok it would be a nice feature, because i want to set a special economy for my server, and there is no minecraft item enough rare or that i can disable from farming and that is useless for the players at the same time :)
  8. Ayeeee :D I can't catch any Mob :c It just throws the Egg and harms the mob. (Plugin is loaded) aaannnddd I don't have Console access to check the logs, because I'm ONLY managing Plugins :C
  9. Unless I get some sort of background to this problem (console errors, version of spigot, version of plugin, steps to reproduce this problem), I don't know how to help. I've installed the latest version of MobCapture for Spigot 1.13.1 to a local server and am able to catch any mob that I have the permission to. I would verify that you have permission, and that the version of MobCapture installed reflects the installation of Spigot (1.13.1 is not compatible with 1.13).
  10. :O Your "RED" Text helps me XD we are using 1.13 :3
    Do you have the 1 Egg Fix for the 1.13 Version? :3
  11. :eek:Is there a reason you aren't using 1.13.1? I assumed nobody used 1.13 anymore.
  12. I am still using 1.13 cause i have bunch of plugins that are not updated to 1.13.1 yet
  13. I believe that fix is in the latest version for 1.13 though. So, if the latest update hasn't been downloaded, I'd try that. Verify the plugin.yml's plugin version of 1.2 if it's not, I'd try emptying your brower's cache and download history, as it may be not downloading correctly. I've personally had this before if the file-size doesn't change much.
  14. I can't catch iron golem, can you fix this plz? c; xD
  15. I imagine you're running on 1.13 or 1.13.1? If so, I'll roll out an update for that in a few minutes. I already realize the problem.
  16. Thx, i'm using 1.13.1 xD
  17. When I use the captured iron golem egg it turns into a ghast ;c
    Can you fix this? plz