Spigot MobDropsGUI+ 1.8

Edit mob drops easily.

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    MobDropsGUI+ - Edit mob drops easily.

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  2. can you add to support mythicmobs?
  3. I haven't played around nor used mythic mobs. But i'll see what I can do.
  4. Could you add option to change the chances of drops in the gui?
  5. The Chances are in the GUI. e.g. lets say the box is a 16 x 16 box grid. You put in 1 diamond. The Chance of it is 1%. If you put in 50 diamonds the chances of getting a diamond is a 50% chance. If i dont understand your question or if I didn't answer your question. Then explain your question with more brief.
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  7. I tried to open the drops menu and when i did i went to edit a mob, however the "save" and "natural drops" buttons simply went into my inventory when i tried to click.
  8. Are you using Paper? If so that may be the problem. Or do you have protocalib? Remove that. Having any error messages in the console. Please Send them to me