Spigot MobHeads (MobHunting) [Java 8] 1.8.8

Mobs drops heads when killed and can be sold! (VERY GOOD FOR FACTIONS!)

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    MobHeads (Good for Factions!) - Mobs drops heads when killed and can be sold! (VERY GOOD FOR FACTIONS!)

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  2. Can you maybe add a SellHead sign and a Gui where you can put your /sellheads in and maybe a lv system like saico pvp
  3. Yeah sure :) i think i will do that tomorrow...
  4. 1 little bug i found if you click on the sell head sign and then right or left click on a empty space you will ge a skull and also can you maybe add 1 more layer to the sellhead sign so you can sell a inv of heads
  5. oh let me fix that :p
  6. I may add so you can edit the sellhead sign size :)
  7. Like it? :)
  8. Best headhunting plugin out There like it alot can you also maybe Add the sellhead sign to the command /sellheads to the GUI pops up i think that a better way of the head selling
  9. And can you add so you can Edit the mobhead names like a chick name would be: Chicken and the lore: Sell price: $10 (just Gray) that would look a bit better and maybe customisable messages like When you sell a head
  10. Gonna donate soon if this plugin keeps updating and bug Free awesome developer really good plugin
  11. i will maybe add that later.. but not today.. been working VERY much today
  12. <3
  13. Yea Np Bro you are doing a great job on your plugin and really making a awesome plugin right Here i love it <3