Spigot MobHunting 8.0.4

Earn Money and get Skulls by killing Mobs and Players

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    MobHunting - Earn Money by killing Mobs

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  2. Would it be possible to make the messages customizable? This would be great for my MMORPG style server but I don't actually have the mobs called Zombies and what not, other than that this is a great plugin for encouraging natural mob hunting as well as providing a bit of a fun distraction
  3. surgetheurge


    i think the biggest thing that ruins this plugin is when people make mob spawners and kill mobs without mobs being able to fight back. sorry to be pessimistic on you. hmmm maybe perhaps people would only get money if mobs damaged them?
  4. I see the problem, may be we can find a way to detect this or detect if there is a mobspawner nearby?
  5. Hey m8
    1st this is aMUST for any server :)
    Now im having a small error on console:
    Can you please tell e what is this?
  6. Can someone please tell me how to make a Mob Spawner? I can find the block in creative mode, and I don't know how to craft it?
  7. It looks like a problem with your SQL database / Server. I use MySQL and has no problems, I have not testet Sqlite? You chould check write-permissions on the database, it looks like the plugins can't write to the database?
  8. Hi Xemnian
    Schmoller has already made it possible to customize the messages. Check this link: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/mobhunting/pages/how-to-localize-mob-hunting/
  9. This plugin is a MUST - my players are loving it !
    I hope u keep updating this for spigot and add more and more Achievments ! 5 starts
  10. I love this plugin, it's great and the players on my server love it. The only thing I want to know is if there is a way to stop "The Hunt Begins" achievement. It seems to reset every night and my players are able to get the bonus money every night so I had to reduce the price for now until I find a fix for it.
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    Minecraft 1.8 Mobs added

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  12. Would it be possible to make a command run when you get an achievement? I have some special tags I like to offer my players.
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  13. Yes, theoretically that would be possible, my biggest problem is that I have very little time to add new features, so at the moment I need to prioritize bugfixing. :-(

    I will put the idea on my "wish list" and see what I can do. If I understand it right you suggest an option where you I make and option in the config file like "Achievment-xxx-command: /give {playername} diamond 5" or something like that?
  14. Exactly like that. :)
    I'm prob gonna use it to grant perms thought. ;P
  15. Okay, understood :) I'll put it on the wish-list :)
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  16. It looks like you run /mobhunt achievements? But I can't reproduce the error?
  17. correct. i run that command in console and get the error. No problem with that ingame.
  18. Strange. I can't replicate the error. I get no errors in my console. :-(

    I checked the source code and found out that this is the line which failes:

    player = Bukkit.getPlayer(player.getUniqueId());

    Which tells me that it is properly something with the UUID of the player. I Think it is NULL (empty). What I dont understand is how the UUID can be empty????

    Are you able open the database and look into the tables? It could be interesting to know if the table mh_Players contain a player with an empty UUID?