Spigot MobHunting 7.5.2

Earn Money and get Skulls by killing Mobs and Players

  1. If a player had killed 10000 zombies, dont you think he would be sad if we just reset his counter to zero?
  2. Well yeah, that is why I suggested having repeatable ones instead of only tiered ones.
  3. I think you could just use getNPC in your database to fetch the NPC name from the registry in the Citizens2 database. Here is a link to the source of Citizens2 NPCRegistry to get an idea of how NPC naming is handled. I'm not sure if MythicMobs uses the same getNPC methods though. I have used Quests and added the mobs by NPC names to the quests and it worked by killing the named mob properly. I can't just kill any Zombie to complete the quest, the Zombie must be named to whatever is provided in the quests requirement.

    It's cool if you don't want to add it, I just thought it would be a cool feature. Can we make our own achievements with this plugin or do we have to use only the ones you provided?
  4. Very strange! I think this happens if the database for some reason is to slow to respond. Do you have IO problems on your server?

    I thought I had fixed this issue when I added "?AutoReconnect=true" to the MYSQL connection string. I have not seen the problem on my own server since I added this. I will have to Google some time to see if others has seen this issues and how they solved it.

    From my own server I know that I had to restart the server when it happened, to establish the connection again.
  5. Could I get more of your log file to see if you get other errors, which could indicate whats going wrong?
  6. Well, it was working without problems since your fix. As soon as i restart the server i dont have the problem anymore. You will get more logsfiles on the next error ;-)
  7. Thanks for the pastebin it helps me alot on investigating on whats going on.

    I wonder about one line in your log just before the the error happens at 12:06:06

    This line: "UUID of player foo is bar"

    Normaly it should look like "UUID of player Frederik_B_S is 14cf439c-45d1-465a-be4e-898d857e0083"

    But in your case the UUID is not written. So I wonder if your server is runing offline?

    Is "online-mode=false" in server.properties ?

    And who is this player "foo" that also looks strange???
  8. Sorry for that.. I just censored this line because of privacy.. There is a normal username and a normal UUID in the original log. Server is running in online-mode=true

    Is there any way to get the full error message via the console?
  9. Ha ha... okay i understand!

    I dont need more from the console, i need to investigate the sourcecode to see what can be done. Unfortunately i dont have the error on my private server, so it is hard to investigate. How often does it appear?
  10. Actually its completly random.. 2 Times this week.. Usualy after a long time of inactivity from the server.. Hmm. It just pops into my mind that this server is running the hibernate plugin.. So, basicly its running into deep sleep as long as noone is connected. Maybe this info helps you..
  11. It could defernitely be the hibernationg plugin! I have added some code where I try to test if the connection has been closed, and the reconnect again. I have not published this version yet, but I would be happy if you could test if the fix works. (I dont see the problem on my server and its running 24/7)

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/79nqr9djobl2f3m/MobHunting V1.9.4.jar?dl=0

    Let me know if this fix works! Thanks.
  12. Allright.. Just downloaded it and not its up and running.. Lets see :)

    Well, its kinda strange because i run a bungee cord with a lot of servers who are using mysql database connections and all are running the hibernation plugin but only the mobhunting server seems to have these problem. As soon as the error pops up again, i will remove the hibernation plugin to see if it happens again..
  13. Thank you, I think absolutely this a bug in MobHunting, so I will try to find it. I might take some time because I dont see it on my own server. But I think I know how to solve it. The fix I made might have fixed it all ready. I hope :)
  14. Im sorry to tell that I must haven sleepy last night when I made the fix. I got the error on my own server this morning and discovered that I only implemented the fix for Sqllite. So now I need to ask you to use this version where I also implemented the fix for MySql.

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/po1mtr72abtr86s/MobHunting V1.9.4a.jar?dl=0

    Im sorry for the inconvenience! Its up and running on my own server too.
  15. Okay, Quick update: running the 19.4.a version since sunday and no crash since than! :-D
  16. Im not sure its fixed. If we see the bug one more time, I know what to try!