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  1. Hi guys, I want to tell you about an app for Android & IOS devices!

    Okay, so the app is called "Lookout mobile security" and I personally love this app, I'm just making this thread to tell you what this app can do, and why you should download it.

    Well, first of all, the application is free.
    It has the following features:
    • Missing device
      • Online tracking from any device.
      • Loud sound playing, even if device is on mute.
      • Automatically saves your devices location before it shuts down
      • (Premium) Lock your device from any device with an unlock code.
      • (Premium) "Wipe" This clears: Texts, photos, contacts, logins, and other data.
    • Backup
      • This lets you backup all your things, so you can transfer to a new device.
    • Security
      • This allows you to scan any application you download, and automatically scans applications when they update and tells you if they're safe or not.
    • Premium; Theft Alerts
      • You can enable the following:
        • Sim card removed
        • Incorrect password (3 times)
        • Airplane mode enabled
        • Device turned off
        • Device admin disabled
      • When one of these actions is done, it will automatically take a picture (using front camera) and save the location, and send it to your email that you used when signing up.
    • Premium; Safe Browsing
      • This scans any website you visit for malicious code, and notifies you if it does.
    • Premium; Privacy Advisor
      • This scans all the applications you have installed to see what has access to your personal information.
    I mentioned the app is free, yet it doesn't include the premium features.

    Premium is a subscription, for £1.<something> a month.

    No, I'm not a developer for this application or anything, I just wanted to show people it :3
    Read more about it HERE:
    Thanks for reading about this app, and I hope you enjoy it (if you get it) - Adam <33
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  2. I'll also mention that this app come with Samsung Galaxy phones and you can't uninstall it if you don't like it :)
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  3. Way to bump a old as fuck thread.
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