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  1. Greetings everyone here at the forums!

    I am Mads - just to introduce myself, I am a developer from Denmark. And I have been doing mobile apps for around 5-6 years now. I am a former "host" CEO and technician, and therefor I came up with the idea to create this application I am here to introduce to you today!

    The app is called "MobileCraft", and its an unofficial iOS application for the famous hosting platform "Multicraft". It was creating along side the new 2.0.0 update, which also means that this is the required version to use with this app. (API authentication etc.)

    The way the app works is that you supply the app with three fields (Multicraft link, username, API Key)
    To explain further:
    • Multicraft link: "The link that the multicraft installation is located, ex:"
    • Username: "This is self-explanatory, just use your username from Multicraft"
    • API Key: "You can generate your API key on the web-side of Multicraft, and this is required to use the application"
    Afterwards you just hit the "Login" button, and everything should work perfectly!

    The great thing about the app is that the connection goes directly to the Multicraft installation, and does not store any user information on our servers. Meaning your customers, and your data is 100% secure.

    Current available features:
    * Server management (start, stop, restart, delete, suspend, resume)
    * Console (view console, and send console commands)
    * Online players (kick and ban players directly from the app with a button)
    * User management (change password, delete users)
    * MYSQL database (create, change password, delete)

    I hope you wish to check it out.

    Here's a few screenshots:


    Download the app:

    Please note:
    MobileCraft only supports "Multicraft 2.0.0"+
    Access requires an API key, aswell as the API is enabled on the respective host. (Please contact your host about this) it is also required that the option "Allow GET requests via the API" is enabled on the Multicraft installation.

    Please note: We are not affiliated with "Multicraft" or " GmbH" in any way, this is an unofficial app. All rights to their respective owners.
  2. This actually looks Dope! Tempted to switch to Multicraft now because of this :p
  3. Thank you! We are going to add alot more features, like in-app "BukGet" meaning you can install plugins directly from the app. Also, an in-app FTP Viewer
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  4. Feature suggestion: Since the targeted feature of this App would be to monitor your server on-the-go, it would be ideal if you'd get (vibrating?) notifications on the app if there's an error, if it's running out of memory and etc. It would really make sense to have these features, for a more comfortable and efficient use of the app for server monitoring.
  5. Hello!

    Yes, this is totally correct. This is also a planned feature. We are going to add listeners to when the server shuts down, and runs out of memory etc. And allow to user to switch these notifications ON/OFF.

    Thanks for your feedback!
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  6. This looks amazing, downloading the application now:) Can't wait to see the other features.
  7. Thank you very much for the support, please let us know if you have any questions or feature-requests! :)
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  8. We have just pushed a update, adding iPad support and aswell as a "List Servers" function for an individual user.
  9. The app is free for a limited time, go get it now!