Spigot MobRacers - MarioKart on Mobs - Renewed 1.6.21

Racing minigame with balanced items, racers, and more.

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    MobRacers - MarioKart on Mobs - Renewed - Racing minigame with balanced items, racers, and more.

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  2. Optic_Fusion1

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    These changes were made to the plugin:
    • Removed every single special item, and implemented some into the normal items for everyone to use for balancing reasons.
    • Removed all horse & entity related vehicles, like minecart and block, because they just weren't fun.
    • Added MCJukebox support for some sounds while playing, like lap and finishing sounds.
    • Added the Zombie as a playable racer.
    • Disabled explosion damage for the bomb, because it could destroy maps in a way where checkpoints would bug out the game.
    Changes 1 & 2 should be configurable, not straight up removed entirely.
  3. The special items were heavily unbalanced, some weren't working at all, and horses were not able to pick up items, which was my decision to remove them. I'm trying to give MobRacers a more competitive aspect. As well that the block entities are harder to get to work on 1.9+. I can redo them eventually.
  4. Hi. Do you have a Discord server? Not compatible with 1.16.x ?
  5. hey nice one any news on a updated release for 1.16?
  6. I'm working hard on it. The only issue I've been facing with the plugin is the entities. You see, the entities classes change every single minecraft version, and they are not publicely announced, so I have to find my way through the code, which is hard when you're a beginning developer. I'm trying to find another developer to help me with this.
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  7. Well let me help you on your way with some tips and tricks :

    First. using Entity's should not be extremely hard. try using velocity together with view direction. i did that once and it allowed me to move minecarts the way i look same for the other entity's
    this way packets and such are not needed so is NMS since these are already in the spigot api.

    However if u wish to keep it like this take a look here :
    Mojang has released their obfuscation mapping there are instructions and tools there how to use it to read the jars mojang released (microsoft)
    in order to adjust.
    Another way is banning out the usage of NMS code and remove what cannot be done yet. Racing with just a minecart for example is a start u can always add new mobs along the road for the newer versions once u figured it out.

    but 1 thing take your time quality over speed !
  8. Would you be able to take a look at one of my entities files?
  9. sure pm me :)
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  10. Hi,
    I really liked that you made a new version of Mobracers which is a mini-game i really like.
    But i prefered to play with the minecart with my friends and without the jump. If you can add a config for the jump that would be cool.

    And when i tested my track with a friend when we finished the race, the game didn't finished we had to wait a looong time so i yeah if you can look at this too
  11. Keep up the good work!
    I agree with the entities should stay in as i have a project that will require custom entities to be added.

    Id be willing to split you some $$ to help along with DEV
  12. Can't wait 'till this is updated to 1.17.10!
    It sounds like an awesome gamemode, but it really needs an update lol.
    I tried running it today and it semi-works, but definitely it needs a fix.
    Fingers crossed you can make it happen JeroenDaSlime!