Mobs are not spawning in nether

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by Br1veN, Jul 18, 2020.

  1. Hey, I bought a server on Hicoria hosting, but they wont help me. So my problem is, that the pigmans,piglins, wither skletons and ghasts wont spawn in nether. Problem is not the render distance, i have my server on hard difficulty and they wont spawn. There are no mobs in our nether. I tried restarting the server, but it didnt help. Mobs in overworld are spawning as they should.The output is 1,5GB of RAM, the version of the server is 1.16.1. I bought CraftBukkit 1.16.1. version but mobs wont spawn there in nether.
  2. Not sure if you actually meant you "bought" Bukkit, but this is Spigot which is far superior to Bukkit. A list of plugins would be helpful as your server specs have nothing to do with mobs.