Mobs not naturally spawned, but can be spawned by players| WorldGuard

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  1. Basically what the title, worldguard disables all mob-spawnings, but I have a KitPvP plugin that has special abilities to summon mobs. Any ideas on this?
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  2. I think WG will block it all but Won't Gamerule still allow spawn Eggs, ect?
  3. What's the gamerule command?
  4. /gamerule tab complete, dont know off top of head :) doMobSpawning false , I think.
  5. Are you using multiverse? If so there is a flag to set mobs to false. I can't remember fully but I think it's /mvm set monsters false and /mvm set animals false
  6. Oh, thanks. I'm pretty sure, I got it. Only issue is it's done for all worlds, I only want one world to be affected by this change.
  7. The command i talked about only affects your current world. (it used to be like that)
  8. add the world name to the end of the mv command to limit it to that world.
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