Mobs not spawning (yes... I know)

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  1. I've been a server owner for 5 years now (embarassing I'm even asking this question) - and I've opened a skyblock server yesterday.
    However, the mobs don't seem to be spawning.
    I've checked literally everything - yet I feel dumb because they're not spawning.

    Can someone help me out?
    Worldguard Config.yml:

    gamerule doMobSpawning = true

    Plugins: WorldGuard, WorldEdit, ViaVersion, NoCheatPlus, ASkyBlock
  2. Check there's no plugins limiting mob-amounts, blocking spawning, check for WorldGuard mob-spawning deny on any regions
    Use /region info, to see flags of the region your in, while on an island.

    Try using a spawn-egg to test spawning.

    Try a spawner as well
  3. Thanks for the quick answer:

    Worldguard Region __global__ : mob-spawning: allowed
    Mob Eggs: Check, they work
    Mob Spawners: Check, they work
    Natural Mob Spawning: Nop

    Any idea from the configs?
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  4. Check all your regionsl
    /region list
    Check mob-spawning is either allowed on all, or not specified on any.

    You can also check that deny-spawn is NOT enabled in any large regions

    console log?

    Check ASkyblock logs

    Also, check entities on the server, make sure noones island is maxing out mob limit.
  5. Mobs don't spawn in the chunk you are, they are a distance away from you. If you don't have anything nearby - there's no reason to spawn.
    Certain mobs only spawn in certain conditions, height, biome, temperature, .. it matters.

    You can also check if settings like these are causing issues:
    remove-invalid-mob-spawner-tile-entities: true (paper)
  6. 1 Region: __global__ (mob-spawning: allow)
    3 Entities in the world "skyblock"

    Nothing in the console / askyblock logs

    ASkyBlock Config:
  7. I had fun playing for a little bit. I made a light up and dark area, for 3 and 4 chunks away from where i stood. Walking over them or idling for 5 minutes. It indeed didn't matter. There was enough to spawn on, etc. It seems fine. If this was my server, I'd probably suspect it really to be a configuration issue. I had fun playing, until I broke my temp block and realised i forgot my lava setup. haha. Anyway, I don't see anything specific in your configs, they seem ok.. strange.

    Your skyblock config has a lot of "false" for 'allow' settings, like,
    1. # Allow players to use buckets, either fill or dump them
    2. allowbucketuse: false
    But i could clearly use buckets, dump & refill them. Same with chests, furnaces, etc.

    Maybe some protection plugin is preventing stuff from loading? EssentialsProtection or something?

    skyblock config also has:
    1. # Removing mobs - this kills all monsters in the vicinity. Benefit is that it helps
    2. # players return to their island if the island has been overrun by monsters
    3. # Con is that it kills any mob grinders
    4. # Remove mobs when logging in
    5. loginremovemobs: true

    Maybe consider setting this to false and see if normal spawning happens again?
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  8. I am having the same issue. Does anyone have a solution?