Mobs only spawn in a handful of chunks

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by Ferx, Jun 25, 2015.

  1. Ferx



    I'm using a custom terrain world and I've found an alarming problem; with no plugins mobs only spawn in a handful of chunks on the entire map. I've installed plugins, //butcher'd and /gc'd and found that basically all the mobs are within these chunks.

    They don't spawn anywhere else...

    I've tried this with default spigot, bukkit & paper spigot configs.

    Is there a plugin that can be made to go around this? Why is this happening? The developers I've msg'd have absolutely no idea why this is happening :s.


  2. Tried with just vanilla?
  3. Ferx


    trying it now ;s
  4. Is this only an issue with natural spawning? Can you force spawn mobs via cmd/spawn egg?
    Is it any specific mobs or just all in general?
  5. Ferx


    I can spawn them with eggs & commands.

    All mobs spawn in the handful of chunks, no mobs spawn anywhere else.

    I tried just making a grass platform... no mobs spawned