Mobs stuck/frozen

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  1. Hi!

    I recently suffered a crash (yay), and set up my server anew. I had backup of the map, but had to set everything else up.

    Everything is now running, but I have one problem.

    If I start the game with my old (backed_up) map, mobs won't move. They move, if I walk onto their block, or sometimes if I hurt them.

    Otherwise, they are completely stuck. So stuck, I can remove ground underneath them, and they hang mid-air.

    I have tried starting everything fresh, even without plugins, and this still happens.
    If I start with a new map, however .. things work fine.

    Does anyone have a ny idea what could be causing this?

    Here you can see it happening to the dragon. I tried showing with other mobs too, but of course that didn't happen now. It does, though, randomly happen with all mobs.
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