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  1. Hello.
    I have a game that is mainly based on mob fighting, so I had to build a large number of Spwners but the problem is that the server stops occasionally due to these mobs. Is there any way or plugin to improve or reduce this downtime?
  2. Increase server memory allocation
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  3. I did that and now I have 8GB but the server keeps stopping. Is there any additional component that limits this?
  4. How long does the server lag?
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  5. How many mobs are you spawning? With 8GB, it should be handle a fair amount of mobs, especially if the game is something like Mob Arena where mobs are killed and then replaced.
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  6. There is no obvious delay, but once around 5 players enter. The rams start to climb until they crash in a few hours
  7. Can you upload crash log?
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  8. 15 spawner Is the number exaggerated?
  9. In fact, it does not crash, but I reboot as soon as it approaches or reaches 8GB
  10. 15 spawners shouldn't be causing the server to freeze/crash. Can you run a timings (/timings on) and then when the server begins to noticeably lag, run /timings paste and provide us with that link?
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  11. There are no players now, should I do it now and tomorrow /timings paste? Or will things get complicated?
  12. You can start now, either works. The longer timings run, the more representative of data we can see and try to help find the cause.
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  13. Try again. Either the server just returned a 500, or your machine is blocking requests out. If the same error persists, I would try one last time tomorrow, and if it still persists, well we'll get to that if the time comes.
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  14. That's all it shows when I do /timings paste : (