Modded server planning, need tips!

Discussion in 'Performance Tweaking' started by _cyka, Aug 2, 2021.

  1. Looking for some tips on what CPU, RAM, etc. to look out for on hosting for 15+ people on All The Mods 6 for 1.16.5. I'm looking in to some VPS's and Dedicated servers as I really don't want to deal with hosting companies as I really do think they are overpriced compared to the freedom and configuration you get with VPS's or Dedicated Baremetal servers.

    Has anyone ever ran anything like this that have experience on what amount of RAM, and what CPU I should consider before I bust out $95+ in just to realize it's too much, or too little?
  2. You don't need a full on dedicated for just that unless you were having like 45-60 players.
    ATM6 usually runs about 4-4.5GB of RAM just by itself then jumps up to about 5GB when you join/generating things. I've had several clients have about 5-7 players on their modded servers and they allocated about 8-10GB of RAM with 300% CPU usage and restarted daily so RAM wouldn't max out.

    Unless you find a good VPS with game server hardware - Shared hosting should be just fine as long you allocate enough ram with a powerful CPU.
  3. I run a dedicated from joesdatacenter, 60 bucks gets you 32gb ram and 24 cores, 500gb-4tb. Great service and I just run a webmin control panel with the minecraft server plugin. I use about 20 plugins and it idles at 3-4gb used. 25 people uses nothing on a dedicated. You can upgrade all the way up to 128gb ram. Their internet speed is a steady 1gbps and 22tb transfer per month. Ive never hit anywhere close. Dedicated is much better. You can even install cubecoders amp, I use that sometimes on dedicated servers. Shared is garbage and is over priced big time.