Modding minecraft without forge

Discussion in 'Programming' started by shieken, Jun 5, 2015.

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  1. Hello, this thread is to inform people about how to mod minecraft correctly without forge

    Note this has been tested and works

    Ever watch a YouTube video on modding minecraft for macs (this is more for macs)? Well most youtubers tell you two things. Either when you've decompiled the jar file to give the folder a jar extension, or to zip the folder then change the extension to jar.

    I will tell all of you both of these are outdated methods and will not work. Why is this? Both methods while being run through the minecraft client are simply not compiled. A zip extension in the second method won't even work. So I've though of a new method that I've tested before. This method involves eclipse.

    Here's how to do it. First take your decompiled jar file on your desktop. Open eclipse. If you don't have eclipse download it at Almost every programmer uses it, because of its insane usefulness. With eclipse open create a new Java project. Make sure the box that says use default directory (or something similar" is NOT checked off. After unchecking the box, hit browse, and put in your decompiled jar file directory. Remember the decompiled jar is a folder. After making the project, hit export. Export the project as a jar file to your desktop. Boom, now you've got a correctly compiled jar file. NOTE THE EXPORTING WILL FINISH WITH WARNINGS. THIS IS FINE. Obviously do the rest of the modding process: put the jar in the folder youre using as a version, then put the folder in your version folder.

    Some last notes are that eclipse can be used in force compilers, since it can turn .java files into .class files. This is done by putting the jar files in a folder, turning the folder into a project as done with the mod, and simply exporting the jar file, andfinally decompiling the jar file, to find the class files in it.

    Thanks for reading

  2. Are you trying to start a war with the notorious IntelliJ community?
  3. But what if I'm a real programmer?
  4. I have to agree. Once you go IntelliJ you never eclipse.
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  5. @shieken do you even understand the simple fact that a jar is an archive?
  6. My life as a programmer has dramatically improved ever since I switched to VIm.
    I don't do java though, and it seems a full-blown IDE is somewhat appropriate for it.
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  7. Lol vim, +1

    I once tried to get a job saying I used notepad to program in, let's just say that didn't bode well..
  8. Uh...
    VIm has more features than eclipse and IntelliJ combined.
  9. Am I missing something? It's just an advanced text editor.
  10. So is IntelliJ/Eclipse?
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  11. I get the feeling if I start describing either one we'll start splitting hairs so I'll just end this here.
  12. Oh, sorry for being so cheeky.
    You can do pretty much just as much with VIm as you can with Eclipse if you spend a bit of time setting it up.
    VIm is in reality much more than just a text editor, it is it's main purpose though.
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  13. IntelliJ has that dark theme that makes you never wanna leave it.
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  14. Next thing me and @CraftedFury knows, you might start saying "Notepad++" is more advanced than any other Java IDE, and he's gonna have to roast your silly ass again.
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  15. But Notepad++ is far from as feature-rich as eclipse...
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  16. Ya, what if u are? Eclipse is a great choice

    I do understand that. In fact I have no idea where the hell you came up with that. Jar stands for Java archive. And you obviously didn't A read the thread or B are dyslexic because if you read it properly you'd understand that a jar file created on your computer isn't compressed
  17. And honestly guys just please shut up over this VLM IntelliJ and eclipse shit. Watch any video on programming for beginners. No one uses notepad++, VLM, IntelliJ, they use eclipse. This is because eclipse is simple to use, uses color in their text so you can tell if you typed something correctly, allows importing, exporting, and build paths. Look at any programming tutorial
  18. wheres the decompiling? you just change the extension (you got .class files in there)
    decompiling means you restore the original sourcecode, not the compiled data

    This could be an typo but ...
    2 times the same typo. the editor is called Vim
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  19. LOL I got that from your statement. Who even mentioned compression? I said archive, that doesn't mean I said compressed idiot.

    You said when you've decompiled the jar file to give the folder a jar extension. (since when the hell did a decompile give you anything more than a set of folders representing the packages and the decompiled bytecode as plaintext java files? oh wait you probably used jd-gui thats why) You also said to zip the folder then change the extension to jar. (so you want to zip a source folder and hope it works? cuz that aint gonna fly cuz it aint bytecode)

    You should probably doublecheck what you say before you call anyone out.
  20. wait you want to say to me that if I want to create a mod/plugin which is minecraftbased I DON'T have to take a look to the source code/docs etc. or should I take a look at the compiled code? wait let me take a look on class x from the nms
    that clears everything up</sarcasm>

    btw. I don't use jd-gui
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